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Just showing you how squishy it was here in Philly 😉

Hey there!  What a cryptic title, right?!?  it is actually sorta cheesy to be honest 😉  It is referring to my back-to-back river runs!  Woot!  Yesterday I ran the river after work.  it was just what I needed after a stressful work week.  The weather was wonderful and my run was fascinating as it included mind-blowing views of the damage done by the previous night’s storm.  there was so much debris and I kept skdlkjf myself for not bringing my phone for its camera.  grrr.  oh well.  Anyway, it was lovely and I was actually intereviewed by a local TV crew.  Ha.  I wonder if I made it 😉  I had actually just “rescued” a little turtle who was stuck in the middle of the bike path. I thought he might have been dead, but when I picked him up he moved.  I brushed his (why am I assuming he was male?) shell off as it was caked with mud and grass from the storm.  I put him closer to the water, away from traffic. 

UPDATE:  Leslie, from AndherLittledogToo just did a great post about Kelly Drive post-storm here.

Anyway, I did decide to run garmin-less this weekend.  I just want to take it ewasy for this portion of my half mary training.  I find it so much more relaxing and fun when I don’t bring my Garmin.  I do recognize the benfits of my Garmin, though, and will begin using it, albeit sporadically.  I did the run in about an hour.

What are your thoughts on the Garmin thing?


(Photo taken from the lovely Tina of CarrotsNCake)

So today I was ready for a rest day and planned on running the loop (8.5) tomorrow (Sunday).  But, K called and suggested we run the river.  I love running with her but said no because I needed to do a lot of work.  But, I have been REALLY stressed out lately and honestly the only thing that has been relieving has been running, so eventually I called K and told her I was in!  We ran a relaxing 4 miles (2 out, 2 back) by the river.  The conditions were SO much better!  Yesterday there were parts of the path that were entirely flooded and there were areas where you had to climb up onto a grassy muddy embankment to get by.  Today was entirely different as the path was completely clear.  There was, however, a ton of debris still, maybe even more.  Anyway, it was a nice run, although I was a bit sore from yesterday’s.  K is always fun to talk to and the miles go by.

Now, for refueling. I DEFINITELY needed to do a good deal of this.  I also made a commitment to refuel a bit healthier than I have been lately.   Sometimes I LOVE to dig into a bag of chips post-run, but I feel like that is SO contradicting!  I just did something so great for my body and now I am eating junk?  Hmmm… so yesterday I had chips (junk) AND and apple 😉  NOW, for today, I had VERY healthy re-fueling.  I am proud!  Look!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the honey Fage! YUM!

 All together now

I even went as healthy as I could by drinking (drum roll please)…


As you could probably tell, I kinda enjoy diet soda, so this was more difficult for me than the chips swap 😉  I really needed it though so it tasted magnificent!  A while later I had

Times like a million hehe 😉

Boy, all of this activity is making Oscar tired 🙂


Anyway, how is your weekend going?!?  ENJOY!

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