What is it about PB&J to me that is just SOOOO heavenly?!?!?  Especially when paired with a yummy (SALTY) chip and a diet soda (I am clearly digging orange right now) this could be my favorite meal ever.

I feel like I am STILL refueling from yesterday’s 7 miler.  And a good one it was!  I started out with K but then she turned off (she had plans) and I continued on.  Anyway, as you can see I made my pb & j on Ez raisin bread that I bought yesterday at Trader Joes.  LOVE.  LOVE. LOVE TJs!  Good idea=running…Bad Idea= Trader Joes Post running.  Shopping hungry is NEVER a good idea.  Never.  Here is some of what I got:

OHHH ginger molasses cookies, how I LOVE thee!


Yes, I DID try the Paneer frozen dinner. And yes, it was AMAZING!

Seriously.  Happy camper.

Oh, and ps-you know who else is a happy camper?!??!

Yup.  ‘Nuff said.  So…what are your favorite Trader Joe or other specialty store finds!?!?

2 thoughts on “Heaven.

  1. Those ginger molasses cookies really are amazing aren’t they? PB&J is also my favorite sandwhich of all time- but I am picky about how it’s made so I have to do it myself. Wheat bread (or some other type of grainy bread) with cruchy peanut butter and non-grape (eww) preserves in the right proportions! Haha 🙂

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