Two of my Favorite Ladies

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Stephie and Luxy!

Now, if these girls were “just chillin'” like in the pic above, I would have missed my chance completely 😉  Let me explain.  Luxy girl is BIG.  Very BIG.  Yes, she definitely thinks she is a lapdog and is such a sweetie (as well as a goof) but she is BIG! 

Priceless picture! LOVE it!

Stephie walks Luxy loyally every day.  Well the other day, the walk resulted in this…

A twisted ankle! Oh no!

Listen, manhandling walking a dog like Luxy requires some serious “bearing down” LOL!  So, I offered to come walk Luxy with Steph.  Who am I kidding?!?! Any chance I can get to hang out with my girls!  But first…the obligatory photo sess.  I started with my camera phone…

Attempt # 1

Attempt # 2

…And then I gave up.  Steph offered to take some with her NEW non-antiquated phone (she has seriously had the same flip phone for YEARS!)…

Much better!

PS: Totally lied- Attempt # 1 and # 2 were more like 39 and 57 🙂  LOL.

Anyway, while I was at Steph’s, I offered to help her with anything else she would need.  She asked me to grab Nigel (or possibly Nigel-la?!?!) the lizard’s food bowl so she could fill it.  the lizard lives in the loft in her apartment, and quite frankly, Steph is terrible at staying off her feet, so I gladly obliged!  NOW…here is where I must say:  This lizard gets fed better than me!  Check this salad out that Steph made it!

oh nigel, you lucky bastard!

 Anyway, I had a lovely afternoon with the girls.  They are seriously two of my favorite ladies!  Thanks girls!  I will be back for a game of TOUCH soon (Touch is the word Steph uses when she wants Lux to come back to her.  So, to get her to run around we stood on opposite sides of the baseball field and yelled “TOUCH!” back and forth, giving her a treat each time she came to us…good game.  We are such simpletons geniouses)

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