A Sporty-Crafty-Family-Friendly Weekend!

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I started my Friday out with a glorious run around the River!  It was my first time running the entire Kelly Drive/MLK Drive Loop.  It is a good 8.5 route and is by far my favorite running spot.  For my first time of the season, I thought it went well.  I really need to start working on refueling a bit  better though. Before and after are definite things I have been working on, but now I feel like I need to attend to my fueling during runs a bit more.  So I normally take a G2 with me.

On this run, I drank a third (15 calories) at mile 1.5 because I started hungry, a third at mile 3.5 and the last third at mile 6.  Verdict:  NOT ENOUGH.  Not enough liquid and not enough fuel.  PLAN= GET CAMELBACK NOW (like this one)

and start experimenting with life savers (my “life saver” for the Broad Street Run last year).  ANYWAY, bottom line- 45 calories for an 8.5 mile run is not enough and nor is the liquid that accompanies. I will update you when I have made a choice 😉  But, the run made me a happy camper…

Saturday morning I took a trip to Target…One picture should do this one justice…


Saturday afternoon we had a party for my uncle. It was his SEVENTIETH birthday!  OMG!  Doesn’t look at day over 21 😉  I will post about the party soon.

In other news over the weekend, I received a FREE Tempurpedic pillow (because I entered a contest to win a bed and lost.  Eh, bed=pillow, right!?!?)….Anyway, I LOVE pillows and am very excited to use and review this baby!

Saturday night, we watched the Phillies LOSE.  BOOOOOOO.

BUT, Sunday…we watched the Phillies WIN!

PS:  I found this post in my drafts section. I know it is Wednesday and closer to next weekend then last weekend, but here it goes anyway 😉

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