The Loop In Pictures


I feel like I talk about “running the loop” a LOT.  Well, I DO run the loop a lot.  So, I thought I would do a nice pictoral post of this “LOOP” including my thoughts, as I refer to it often on the blog (and am constantly ripping pictures off of Leslie from herlittledogtoo).  THE LOOP is formally known as the SCHUYLKILL RIVER LOOP.”  It is an 8.5 mile running/biking/walking/recreational path that encircles the Schuylkill River.  It starts at the Philadelphia Art Museum

and heads up Kelly drive past the boathouses

Across the East Fall Bridge

(Note:  the “loop” tricks you into thinking that the Fall Bridge is the half-way point of the 8.5 mile run, but after you cross it, you get a little bitter letdown when you see the following)

Uh, yea, for those of you weak in math, 3.75 is NOT half of 8.5. SO this means that the first part of the loop is shorter if you are running in said direction.


And then down the Martin Luther King Drive (viewing the river from the other side now)

 looping back to the Art Museum.

This is actually mid-run 🙂

I LOVE running the loop for MANY reasons.  For one, I LOVE routine.  On Friday I tried to run the loop backwards (haha not actual backwards running, but that would have been funny) going up MLK Drive first, crossing the East Falls Bridge and looping back down Kelly Drive.  But, it kind of “through me for a loop” (what a great pun on words!?!?).  I NEED my routine, like…

Stretching EVERY time on the steps at the start of the loop


Keeping track of all of the "nickel-flavored" water fountains (I used to drink, now I just use them as mile trackers-the nickels were getting to me! hehe)


My own personal bathroom! (hehe) This is my go to staircase (for emergencies only lol)

This here boathouse is my own personal MILE 6 marker!

On my runs, I also love to think, and certain landmarks really get me going…

This is the boathouse where my sister in law and brother in law held their awesome rehearsal dinner

These are the signs I look at EVERY morning on my dreaded commute. I much prefer to view them while on foot!

I also LOVE to listen to music.

And finally, I LOOOOVE all of the neat things that go on “down by the river.”  On any given day you can be sure to catch a rowing race, festival or anything else of the like!  Here are some fun things that were going on when I rean the loop SUNDAY (the “right way” as in not backwards)…

Check out these guys!


The ZOO balloon!


Setting up tents for the Dragonboat festival

And of course, there are the gorgeous skyline views…

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed putting it together!  Now…go get your run on!  I know I am!

Yes, this is me mid-run!


2 thoughts on “The Loop In Pictures

  1. wow .. you took really great pics of a beautiful part of philadelphia that most people do not realize is even in the city .. i appreciate the pictures and gorg views .. thanks girl


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