Run the BRIDGE!

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AHHHHH!  So first off…Happy Halloween Friday!

Now, onto business.  As you know, I am running my first Half Mary on November 21st. I am SO excited.  But I wish it were this weekend!  So, to get myself revved up for the halfy, I signed up for a little challenge in between now and then.  Are you ready for it…  It is the 2010 Cooper Norcross Run the Bridge Event presented by AmeriHealth New Jersey!  Yup, you heard right.  I am going to RUN THE BRIDGE!  By “the bridge” I mean the BFB (Ben Franklin Bridge) that goes from Philadelphia into New Jersey.  The race is NOVEMBER 7.

This race is going to be soooo challenging torturous and AWESOME!  It is a 10K that begins at Campbell’s Field in Camden, NJ and takes you across the bridge into Philadelphia.  It then loops back over the bridge and back to the field.  Holy WOW.  Have you ever checked the incline of the bridge!?!?

Elevation Profile

Total climb: 430 feet / 131 m
Total elevation change: 872 feet / 266 m

WOW.  So being the trooper that Husband is, he agreed to go on a “test run” with me this weekend.  Should be interesting!  So, what are your plans for the weekend?  I will certainly be back with some more Halloween fun!  Until then…TOODLES!

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