ICE BATH (sorta)


Dramatic title, no?!? Hahha anyway, the title sorta says it all. 

But first…I ran a very speedy (for me) 6 miler at the River. 

I really felt I struggled though; like I fought hard for every quarter mile, you know?  Anyway, I pushed though and ALMOST met my goal of all 9 minute miles.  But my legs felt like lead. Did I mention I wore my halloween tights…

So, I was very happy to finish. 

 On my run while struggling, I thought about Leslie’s ice baths and decided I needed to try this.  Only I was going to take baby steps…as in this time just put the water as cold as possible.  I know, I’m a wuss, but trust me, people, it was ice to me. 

Oscar seemed concerned confused at first

After a minute though, he seemed unfazed

Refueling began asap!  Directly following my run I had a mini Cliff bar (I LOOOVE those) and some G2.  Then I had a few doritos!  And finally…I am SO lucky- Shiya heated me up some leftover dinner she made.  IT was SOOOO good!

Tofu baked ziti with spinach- amaaazing!

OH, and a sweet treat…look at THIS baby I dreamed up!

Trader Joes (amazing also) ginger molasses cookies that I pressed candy corn into! HOLY YUM!

PS: Isn't this such a cute picture of Shiya and Scott's dog, Ringo?!

Have you ever taken an ice bath?!?!

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