The Baby Feast

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As I have probably mentioned, we are very tight with our neighbors.  We LOVE our neighborhood!  Hi guys 😉  Anyway, among the other amazing traditions we have such as block parties and the like, one of my favorite things we do is that when a neighbor has a baby, we not only do a little shower before the birth (like in the pic above), but we arrange for a food delivery for a few weeks after the birth.  How lovely, right?!?  Anyway, one such neighbord just had a little baby girl, so we did the food delivery.  I was so excited to cook because I chose Indian and I thought this family would love it!  Anyway, here is what I made… (sorry, I get excited about my positive cooking experiences)

veggie samosa appetizer (filled with peas and mushrooms)

Curried chicken tenders

Jasmine rice

Channa masala (chick pea) with mushrooms and peas

PS: Oscar helped himself to a BOX of samosas. Nice. Good thing I bought two... (I can hear my mother now)

 I also added a package of spiced naan and ginger molasses cookies.  Anyway, it was SO fun to make this dinner for such a lovely family!  I hope they enjoyed it! 

 Does your neighborhood have traditions?

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