What is it about PB&J to me that is just SOOOO heavenly?!?!?  Especially when paired with a yummy (SALTY) chip and a diet soda (I am clearly digging orange right now) this could be my favorite meal ever.

I feel like I am STILL refueling from yesterday’s 7 miler.  And a good one it was!  I started out with K but then she turned off (she had plans) and I continued on.  Anyway, as you can see I made my pb & j on Ez raisin bread that I bought yesterday at Trader Joes.  LOVE.  LOVE. LOVE TJs!  Good idea=running…Bad Idea= Trader Joes Post running.  Shopping hungry is NEVER a good idea.  Never.  Here is some of what I got:

OHHH ginger molasses cookies, how I LOVE thee!


Yes, I DID try the Paneer frozen dinner. And yes, it was AMAZING!

Seriously.  Happy camper.

Oh, and ps-you know who else is a happy camper?!??!

Yup.  ‘Nuff said.  So…what are your favorite Trader Joe or other specialty store finds!?!?


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Right.  So if you don’t recognize that name, then yes, I understand…feel free to move on dowload one of his albums now!  🙂 Anyway, first thing’s first- Saturday dinner at Haru…  So, you must understand:  I LOVE HARU. Two words…Nom, Nom.



We were in a hurry to get to Pat McGee so we ate at the sushi bar. It was cool!

These sweet potato rolls were AMA-zing! OMG. With tempura sauce. I ate every.last.one. 🙂

Shitake mushroom and spinach roll-also enhanced by tempuri sauce 😉

Seaweed Salad

It was deeeelish!


Satisfied Customer=Full Belly 🙂

Next up was Pat McGee. I LOVE listening to Pat McGee.  It is quite reminiscent of my college years as well (even though it used to be the Pat McGee BAND).  I used to go to see Pat ALL THE TIME!  I was such a lil’ groupie 😉 hehe. 

 Anyway, I volunteered to sell merchandise at his show at the Tin Angel (in Old City, Philadelphia).  Husband helped me set up the booth and I think we did a good job!

How’d we do?!?!  So, we also met Pat’s keyboard and sax player and talked to him.  His name is Michael Ghegen.  Check him out.  Good stuff.

  During the opening set, we talked to Pat and his girlfriend, Tara.  They were lovely!  Then, Pat went on.  He was great!  I was soooo psyched becuase as we were talking, I mentioned that I am training for a half marathon in November and that on my playlist is his song, Passion.  It is a great, inspiring song. The line “it’s all about the passion” really rings true for me when I’m running. Boy was that cheesy!  Anyway, he played it for the finale after telling that story (of talking to me about that song)!  Cool, eh!  Go Pat! 

Seriously, Check him out.  It was a great show!

Early Riser


This morning, I woke up EXTREMELY early for me.  Let’s put it this way…yesterday I slept in until noon.  Don’t judge.  Mind you, I get up very early during the week.  So this morning when I woke up at 8:30, that was early.  So, I decided to seize the day!

Gooooooood morning!

I needed to take two of my Louis Vuittons to the store to get them fixed (the strap on my shopper broke and the handle on my luggage broke off as well as the zipper breaking).  For your reference…



ANYWAY, turns out the stores don’t open until 11:00 on Sundays.  Hmmmmm….So, I just walked around the mall (the halls were open) and surveyed the damage from the storm.  Some stores were badly hit and still closed due to the flood.  Bummer.  So finally, it was eleven and I took care of my business 😉

PS:  I may or may not have bought myself some things (ON SALE) while at the mall, and I may or may not fess up to it on this blog 😉


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Just showing you how squishy it was here in Philly 😉

Hey there!  What a cryptic title, right?!?  it is actually sorta cheesy to be honest 😉  It is referring to my back-to-back river runs!  Woot!  Yesterday I ran the river after work.  it was just what I needed after a stressful work week.  The weather was wonderful and my run was fascinating as it included mind-blowing views of the damage done by the previous night’s storm.  there was so much debris and I kept skdlkjf myself for not bringing my phone for its camera.  grrr.  oh well.  Anyway, it was lovely and I was actually intereviewed by a local TV crew.  Ha.  I wonder if I made it 😉  I had actually just “rescued” a little turtle who was stuck in the middle of the bike path. I thought he might have been dead, but when I picked him up he moved.  I brushed his (why am I assuming he was male?) shell off as it was caked with mud and grass from the storm.  I put him closer to the water, away from traffic. 

UPDATE:  Leslie, from AndherLittledogToo just did a great post about Kelly Drive post-storm here.

Anyway, I did decide to run garmin-less this weekend.  I just want to take it ewasy for this portion of my half mary training.  I find it so much more relaxing and fun when I don’t bring my Garmin.  I do recognize the benfits of my Garmin, though, and will begin using it, albeit sporadically.  I did the run in about an hour.

What are your thoughts on the Garmin thing?


(Photo taken from the lovely Tina of CarrotsNCake)

So today I was ready for a rest day and planned on running the loop (8.5) tomorrow (Sunday).  But, K called and suggested we run the river.  I love running with her but said no because I needed to do a lot of work.  But, I have been REALLY stressed out lately and honestly the only thing that has been relieving has been running, so eventually I called K and told her I was in!  We ran a relaxing 4 miles (2 out, 2 back) by the river.  The conditions were SO much better!  Yesterday there were parts of the path that were entirely flooded and there were areas where you had to climb up onto a grassy muddy embankment to get by.  Today was entirely different as the path was completely clear.  There was, however, a ton of debris still, maybe even more.  Anyway, it was a nice run, although I was a bit sore from yesterday’s.  K is always fun to talk to and the miles go by.

Now, for refueling. I DEFINITELY needed to do a good deal of this.  I also made a commitment to refuel a bit healthier than I have been lately.   Sometimes I LOVE to dig into a bag of chips post-run, but I feel like that is SO contradicting!  I just did something so great for my body and now I am eating junk?  Hmmm… so yesterday I had chips (junk) AND and apple 😉  NOW, for today, I had VERY healthy re-fueling.  I am proud!  Look!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the honey Fage! YUM!

 All together now

I even went as healthy as I could by drinking (drum roll please)…


As you could probably tell, I kinda enjoy diet soda, so this was more difficult for me than the chips swap 😉  I really needed it though so it tasted magnificent!  A while later I had

Times like a million hehe 😉

Boy, all of this activity is making Oscar tired 🙂


Anyway, how is your weekend going?!?  ENJOY!