Running the BFB (Ben Franklin Bridge)

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A satisfied runner 😉

This past weekend, I was blessed to be able to experience the Ben Franklin Bridge on foot not once, but TWICE!  On Saturday, the Husband agreed to give it a try with me so that I could practice for this coming Saturday’s race.  You have to complete the 3 mile (1.5 there and 1.5 back) bridge portion in 50 minutes or less.  SCORE!  We came in at 27:00!  It is a really nice 5 mile run that we completed.  From our house to the foot of the bridge, it is 1.25 miles.  Then, it is 1.5 miles over and 1.5 back.  Completing the loop back home makes it equal a LOVELY 5 mile run!  I am really getting excited to RUN THE BRIDGE!

Run the Bridge

On SUNDAY, I decided to experience the bridge AGAIN by walking it with Shiya. We traded our traditional Art Museum loop for the BFB loop that Husband and I had run the day before.  I took the opportunity to take some pics so I could give you a pictoral review of the Ben Franklin (and to rev myself up for the race on Saturday)…

The view going up hill number one entering New Jersey

The center view

A look over the side onto I-95



What a gorgeous view! Don't fall in!

Almost to New Jersey!


LOVING the sun!


And finally…

This "Poggenpohl" always cracks me up 😉

SOOOOOO….have you ever run the BFB?  It isa great mental AND physical challenge!  Be sure to look for my race recap on Sunday afternoon!  Toodles!

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