Basking in my Race Glory!


LOVE this top- got it yesterday at Haddonfield Running Co. It kept me warm! Added bonus: thumb holes!

I did it!  And in my opinion, I did it well!  Actually, I LICKED it! 😉  (That’s my dorky silly saying)

Run the Bridge


1397  944 JESSICA DOWNES         PHILADELPHIA PA 30 F   55:00   57:43  9:19  93/326  F3034 564/1859 F

I am so so so proud of myself (sorry to gloat but I left EVERYTHING on the road bridge)!  I was super pumped for this race, and had even practiced with the Husband.  I even got new shoes yesterday (Mizuno Wave Inspire, pics to come) at Haddonfield Running Co., where we picked up my packet.  I really went into this race prepared I feel, and definitely used my head.  I had a goal of coming in under an hour.  It is a 10K (6.2 mile) course that began at the New Jersey tolls to the Ben Franklin Bridge.  It went over the bridge into Philadelphia then right back over into  New Jersey (totalling about 3.25 miles).  We then ran through the streets of Camden; past the courthouse, the Aquarium, the Tweeter Center, and then ended in Center Field at Campbell’s Field.  So, in my mind, I wanted to finish the bridge portion (3.25 HILLY miles at the beginning) in less than a half hour.  I thought I would be able to make up the time in the last part of the race (aka FLAT:)).  I started the race a bit chilly but totally pumped and feeling strong.  I had even dowloaded some “war songs” 🙂 last night to get me psyched.  I started the race with Intergalactic Planetary (Beastie) 😉  LOVED it! Pressed repeat at least ten two times!  Anyway, Ichose not to look at my Garmin until I got off the bridge.  I would then peek at my time to see if I had made the sub-half hour goal…My Garmin read 27 and change!  I was puuuuumped!  I had REALLY pushed it on the bridge though, so even though I knew I only had 3 more miles left thru the FLAT streets of Camden, I was nervous that I had pushed too hard.  I did start feeling it BAD in my hip creases especially, during the 5th mile.  It did NOT help that there was a huge hill at the Tweeter Center.   NOT cool- a tease 😉  Hehe.  Anyway, I finished strong!  Woot woot!  I even acheived my goal of a sub-hour finish!  I made it in 55 MINUTES FLAT 55:00!  Yay! 

Feeling SPENT but SATISFIED (driving home after)

When I got home I took a much needed nap after catching up with some US Weekly gossip magazines and a bit of Oscar 😉

Hope you enjoyed my recap!  I LOVED this race (and it restored my faith in even numbered bibs- I was 944!) !  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!  Toodles!

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