Girls’ Weekend: NYC

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This is my "NYC look" hehe

This weekend was a BLAST!  Shiya and I took a lil’ trip to New York City to have a girl’s night!  We stayed at the W New York and I MUST shout out to their GM, because our stay was FAN-tastic!  We were majorly hooked up and put into a ridonk suite with a WRAP-AROUND balcony!  The view was INSANE!




Listen, we did a lot of fun things, but we also spent a LOT of time on the balcony being silly relaxing 😉 

We WERE going to attempt to hide under the sofas on the balcony, in hopes that check out time would come and go 😉

Among the treats we partook in… (is partook a word?!?!)… SHOPPING!  I actually managed to spend ZERO dollars!  Well, except for some amazing Magnolia cuppy-cakies for the Husb.

SPA-ING at Bliss…Note:  Get the “Head over Peels Scrub…” NOW.  No seriously, like NOW.


And a LOT of EATING…

Yes, those are gummy bears from the mini-bar...don't judge!

Anyway, we had an AWESOME weekend.  I am sad it ended, but was happy to see some serious Oscar cuteness when I came home…

So, how was YOUR weekend!?!?!?

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