SO nervous.


OK, so I do realize that almost EVERY post on the blog as of late has been related to this darn half marathon I am running on Sunday. It is taking over my life.  Seriously.  I think about it hourly, and I am PETRIFIED!

I have ALREADY made my "list" for Sunday...on Tuesday.

In preparation for the race, I (of course) had to order som new gear.  For one, I NEEDED (desperately) new Zensah shin compression sleeves.

I rely HEAVILY on these babies for my darn shins, and my old pair began rolling down my leg while running!  Not very helpful for COMPRESSION sleeves 😉  So, I ordered those. I also picked up an AAA-mazing pair of compression/recovery SOCKS that I have begun wearing after my last few short runs to get my legs “race ready,” and will DEFINITELY be sporting those post-race Sunday.

Wow, that is one huge leg 😉  Hmmm…so in other news, I have a new food obsession.  HELP!  I can’t stop! It is actually a SALAD!  Boy do I wish I had created/discovered this baby when Sabrina was doing her “I love Salad Challenge!” 

Mixed greens, feta, cranberries and the secret ingredient: (not so sceret now) Whole Foods' ginger orange almonds! YUMMMM!

Seriously I am NOT kidding. This salad is incredible. I sometimes top it with Whole Foods’ ff balsamic, but it really doesn’t even need it!  HOLY YUM.  OK, and finally…in more news, fall is officially here…

OK, so…PLEEEEEAAASE tell me; How do you deal with your pre-race nerves!??!?

2 thoughts on “SO nervous.

  1. Hi Jess! So I just wanted to tell you that I decided I’m going to duct tape my Garmin together. I’m not sure where yours broke, but I’m pretty sure that will work for mine. After tomorrow, I dont care if I have to cut it off haha. I really just want the marathon on my own Garmin so I can look at those 26.2 miles over and over haha. Just an FYI! GOOD LUCK tomorrow!

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