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This was an invitation I made for my Mama's surprise retirment/bday party a few years back

I saw this song on Lisa Paige’s blog and then heard it again on last night’s VMAs. It is a MUST-LISTEN for anyone who loves their Mama and feels blessed in their life (like me!)…

Mama’s Song Lyrics

Mama you taught me to do the right things
So now you have to let your baby fly
You’ve given me everything that I will need
To make it through this crazy thing called life
And I know you watch me grow up and always want whats best for me
And I think I found the answer to your prayers

And he is good, so good
He treats your little girl like a real man should
He is good, so good, he makes promises he keeps
No he’s never gonna leave
So dont you worry about me
Dont you worry about me

Mama theres no way you’ll ever lose me
And giving me away is not goodbye
As you watch me walk down to my future, I hope tears of joy are in your eyes

Cuz he is good, so good
He treats your little girl like a real man should
He is good, so good, he makes promises he keeps
No he’s never gonna leave
So dont you worry about me
Dont you worry about me

And when I watch my little baby grow I’ll only want whats best for her’s_song_lyrics_carrie_underwood.html
And I hope she’ll find the answer to my prayers
And that she’ll say

He is good, so good
He treats your little girl like a real man should
He is good, so good, he makes promises he keeps
No he’s never gonna leave
So dont you worry about me
Dont you worry about me

Mama dont you worry about me

Dont you worry about me

Because I’m a PRINCESS!


Wow, that title must’ve elicited some serious feelings from some people 😉  Let me explain…

From the website

Disney’s Princess Half Marathon Weekend presented by Lady Foot Locker

Friday, February 25 – Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fairytales do come true.  One mile at a time.

Disney’s Princess Half Marathon Weekend brings women of all ages together to participate in a magical event designed just for them. The Disney Princesses are the inspiration for the weekend’s events and will focus on the attributes every princess possesses: commitment, courage, determination, fantasy, perseverance, and strength.

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she must blaze her own trail.  A time when she has to run, not from an evil stepmother, but to her moment of glory.  A day when the true princess inside of her shines through.  The time has come for you!

The event will take place at the Walt Disney World® Resort in Florida on a new date – February 25-27, 2011, and is set to celebrate the women who prove that anything is possible in life’s fairytale. 

So, dust off those glass running slippers and get set for an experience nothing short of happily ever after! 

OMG!  SOOOOOOO cheesey exciting!  Everytime I read that, my heart flutters!  I am very excited for this race!  I actually first learned about it from Leslie’s blog, as she ran it last year.  PLUS, who needs another reason to experience Disney World!??!?  As a child, my family always vacationed in Walt Disney World, and now, as a big child grownup, I am so excited to take my running passion to the streets of Disney with the Hus!  He agreed to go with me-what a man- after asking if HE could participate- REALLY?!?! A Disney PRINCESS halfie!??!?  hehe

Anyway, this morning my dad sent me a cool pic that I took with my camera that certainly spawned my excitement for the Disney half and made me sign up right away!

Post Run the Bridge Glory shot!

I was acutually able to use my time from Sunday to qualify for a corral for the Disney Half.  I am VERY excited but recognize that it is still months away.  I am happy though, that I will be able to whip out my running SKIRT for this one (or a possible tutu?!?!?) as the weather in South Florida will be warmer than here.  On that note, enter:  FIRST HALF MARATHON FREAKOUT.  So, yes, my first halfie is scheduled for this month, is less than TWO weeks! It is on Nov 21 and to be honest, I am SCARED!  I just don’t feel ready!  The longest run I have had thus far has been almost eleven, but it only happened once.  While I hope to get one more such long run in before the big day (perhaps this Friday?) I want to trust the training, but I am nervous. I don’t know if I trained ENOUGH.  Oh well, we will have to see.  My goal for this first one is TO FINISH! 

Were you nervous for your first half or similar race?!?  Did you ever run the Disney Princess Half?!?! Do tell!

Basking in my Race Glory!


LOVE this top- got it yesterday at Haddonfield Running Co. It kept me warm! Added bonus: thumb holes!

I did it!  And in my opinion, I did it well!  Actually, I LICKED it! 😉  (That’s my dorky silly saying)

Run the Bridge


1397  944 JESSICA DOWNES         PHILADELPHIA PA 30 F   55:00   57:43  9:19  93/326  F3034 564/1859 F

I am so so so proud of myself (sorry to gloat but I left EVERYTHING on the road bridge)!  I was super pumped for this race, and had even practiced with the Husband.  I even got new shoes yesterday (Mizuno Wave Inspire, pics to come) at Haddonfield Running Co., where we picked up my packet.  I really went into this race prepared I feel, and definitely used my head.  I had a goal of coming in under an hour.  It is a 10K (6.2 mile) course that began at the New Jersey tolls to the Ben Franklin Bridge.  It went over the bridge into Philadelphia then right back over into  New Jersey (totalling about 3.25 miles).  We then ran through the streets of Camden; past the courthouse, the Aquarium, the Tweeter Center, and then ended in Center Field at Campbell’s Field.  So, in my mind, I wanted to finish the bridge portion (3.25 HILLY miles at the beginning) in less than a half hour.  I thought I would be able to make up the time in the last part of the race (aka FLAT:)).  I started the race a bit chilly but totally pumped and feeling strong.  I had even dowloaded some “war songs” 🙂 last night to get me psyched.  I started the race with Intergalactic Planetary (Beastie) 😉  LOVED it! Pressed repeat at least ten two times!  Anyway, Ichose not to look at my Garmin until I got off the bridge.  I would then peek at my time to see if I had made the sub-half hour goal…My Garmin read 27 and change!  I was puuuuumped!  I had REALLY pushed it on the bridge though, so even though I knew I only had 3 more miles left thru the FLAT streets of Camden, I was nervous that I had pushed too hard.  I did start feeling it BAD in my hip creases especially, during the 5th mile.  It did NOT help that there was a huge hill at the Tweeter Center.   NOT cool- a tease 😉  Hehe.  Anyway, I finished strong!  Woot woot!  I even acheived my goal of a sub-hour finish!  I made it in 55 MINUTES FLAT 55:00!  Yay! 

Feeling SPENT but SATISFIED (driving home after)

When I got home I took a much needed nap after catching up with some US Weekly gossip magazines and a bit of Oscar 😉

Hope you enjoyed my recap!  I LOVED this race (and it restored my faith in even numbered bibs- I was 944!) !  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!  Toodles!



“Whether you believe you can or believe you can’t, you’re probably right.”   -Henry Ford

So in this post, I am going to attempt to debunk why for me, life=running and running=life.  BUT FIRST…a new PDR that ALMOST sounds like HEAVEN…10.5!

Yesterday, I had off for Election Day, and chose to use it for a long run.  This would have been my longest distance as of yet (hence the pDr) including Broad Street and I planned to do ELEVEN, but miscalculated a bit.  I started at my house and ran to the river which is 2.5 miles.  Then, while at the river I did a 3 mile out and back equalling 6.  On the way home, I assumed I would hit my 11, but instead ended up with 10.5. Hey, I’ll take it.  SO, what cause my miscalculation was actually a really cool detour to one of my FAVE places….


LOVE it!  So, I have been wanting to get a camelbak water pack for a  while, as I really rely on liquid (mainly G2) for my fuel while running.  I recently found the gift cert Husband got me last Christmas


so I decided to stop at Philadelphia Runner and grab one on my way to the river. 

(post run) excuse the bed shot!

Of course I couldn’t just get ONE thing!  I got a sweaty band that has had rave reviews from several bloggers.  I will ADD to that review- this baby stayed on my head for almost 11 miles!  And let me tell you, these things NEVER work for me!

On my run I found a use for the rest of my gift certificate…the time has come:

Sole fell off!

TIME FOR NEW SHOES ASAP (like before I run the bridge)…

Anyway, the run was GLORIOUS!  I was so proud of myself and feel so accomplished! Oh how far I have come!  So, I celebrated with some good refueling and good company:  Chicken Caesar Salads (my specialty) with huge hunks of baguette with my three favorite boys:

Ian, Osc and Eams

OK, not for the post title:  WHY RUNNING=LIFE and LIFE=RUNNING.

So, I have been trying to tackle life in the same ways that I tackle running and vice versa.  I wanted to point out some things in this manner…

1.  Life, like running, should be “divided and conquered.”  This means that just as I usually chunk up my runs (ex: yesterday, the first 1/4 of my run was from home to the base of the river, the second 1/4 was from the base of the river out, the third 1/4 was back to the base of the river, and the final quarter was the journey home), life can also be “chunked up” in terms of taking things “STEP BY STEP”…literally.  When things seem REALLY overwhelming in life (and comparably a long run) taking the time to look at things on a mico-level can make it much less daunting, and therefore easier to undertake.

2.  When running and living, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.  This one is REALLY important, but is unfortunately one that I let go by the wayside.  I am going to try to do this more often in LIFE.  When I run, I do try to listen to my body, although I still struggle at times in deciphering the difference between pain and PAIN.  One is the pain that comes with training “Pain is temporary, Quitting is forever, says Caitlin. The other PAIN means INJURY!  So, I am still grappling with this in running, and also in life.  I tend to pile A LOT on my plate and hence do not listen to my body or its needs.  I am going to work on this.  Wanna work on it too?  I will track my progress from time-to-time on the blog.

3.  Fueling and Hydration are UBER important in both life and running.  The applicable nature of the statement in terms of running is quite evident, so let’s look at it in terms of LIFE.  Think of fueling an dhydration in less traditional terms.  Think of fueling and hydration beyond what we feed our bodies, but more how we feed our souls.  Are you getting enough love in your life?  Are you loving yourself?  Are you spiritually connected or satisfied?  Think of these things and similar questions, and think of fueling and hydration beyond just food and drink.

4.  Running is a CHALLENGE, as is life!  This quote really sums it up for me, “Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory. –– George S. Patton” This quote applies to running challenges AND life challenges, as does this one…”There is no Challenge more challenging than the challenge to improve yourself. — Michael F. Staley”

(Quote Source)

OH MY GOODNESS!  Oprah must’ve been reading my mind, becuase her quote pretty much sums up this ENTIRE post:

“Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it.”
-Oprah Winfrey

And since I am on a bit of a quote rampage, here is one of my favorite running quotes!  I will be posting a new one each post before the BIIIIIIIG HALF MARY!  17 days left!!!!! (Source)

“…we learn through running to take what the days gives us, what our body will allow us, and what our will can tolerate.”   –John Bingham, running writer and speaker

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it!  What is YOUR favorite running/motivational quote?!?!


Running the BFB (Ben Franklin Bridge)

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A satisfied runner 😉

This past weekend, I was blessed to be able to experience the Ben Franklin Bridge on foot not once, but TWICE!  On Saturday, the Husband agreed to give it a try with me so that I could practice for this coming Saturday’s race.  You have to complete the 3 mile (1.5 there and 1.5 back) bridge portion in 50 minutes or less.  SCORE!  We came in at 27:00!  It is a really nice 5 mile run that we completed.  From our house to the foot of the bridge, it is 1.25 miles.  Then, it is 1.5 miles over and 1.5 back.  Completing the loop back home makes it equal a LOVELY 5 mile run!  I am really getting excited to RUN THE BRIDGE!

Run the Bridge

On SUNDAY, I decided to experience the bridge AGAIN by walking it with Shiya. We traded our traditional Art Museum loop for the BFB loop that Husband and I had run the day before.  I took the opportunity to take some pics so I could give you a pictoral review of the Ben Franklin (and to rev myself up for the race on Saturday)…

The view going up hill number one entering New Jersey

The center view

A look over the side onto I-95



What a gorgeous view! Don't fall in!

Almost to New Jersey!


LOVING the sun!


And finally…

This "Poggenpohl" always cracks me up 😉

SOOOOOO….have you ever run the BFB?  It isa great mental AND physical challenge!  Be sure to look for my race recap on Sunday afternoon!  Toodles!