Post (first) Half-Marathon

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So, I feel like I have been MIA from the blog lately…and I guess I have!  Sorry!  I was just on SUCH a high post-half and was riding that feeling for a WHILE!  So the question is, what have I been up to since!?!? Well, I thought I’d first start with my fitness regime.  Basically, after the Half, I decided that I REALLY wanted to do a good (better) job at maintaining my RUNNING fitness.  After Broad Street I really went into a running slump.  I was over it.  It was the summer, and for me it was too hot to run outside and too boring to run inside.  So I took a running hiatus.  I did, however, continue to workout via other methods (think: Cybex, Elliptical, Yoga, etc.) but really lost my running “mojo.”  SO, when I began training for my first half in September, it was ROUGH.  And I promised that I would never “do that” again (aka let myself slip in the running-fitness area).  I truly believe that no matter how much physical activity you are doing, you can STILL be in shape but NOT in a “running-way.”  Running, for me at least, is a totally different beast.  Anyway, with that being said, this has been my workout schedule since the Half Marathon (on Sunday November 21):

Monday 11/22- my legs felt STIFF so I wanted to get some blood into them with a bit of low-impact cardio–> 40 minutes Cybex

Tuesday 11/23- OFF

Wednesday 11/24- 4 mile run by the river (I was feeling it again!) and 60 minutes Yoga (I’m baaaaaack!!!!)

Thursday 11/25- 4 mile WALK (ate turkey hehe)

Friday 11/26- AMAZING 4.5 mile run through the glorious and beautiful Pound Ridge New York (we were up for Thanksgiving to visit the in-laws)

Saturday 11/27- OFF (although I shopped my lil’ bum off so shouldn’t that count?!?!)

Sunday 11/28- 5 mile run through my beautiful City of Brotherly LOVE!

Monday 11/29- 30 minutes Cybex, 45 minute SPIN class (yay!)

Tuesday 11/30- OFF

Wednesday 12/1- 5 mile run by the river– THIS one was BRUTAL!  It looked like this:

So, there you have it:  THAT is what I’ve been up to since the halfie.  OHHHHH and other stuff too, like….

– LOVING Thanksgiving with my family

-TRAVELING for the holiday


– SHOPPING and creating lists upon lists for gifts (mine soon to come!!!!)

-HANGIN’ with the HUSB and Oscar



-Getting ready to decorate for the holiday


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