Who IS this Person!?!?


So, in an attempt to keep my running fitness levels where they were post (1st) half marathon, I signed up for the Disney Princess Half Marathon, taking place the weekend of February 25-27, 2011.

While I am trying to maintain a reasonable training schedule, unfortunately my illness really threw me off track so now I feel a bit behind.  I also have not yet booked a hotel or flight.  SO, basically my participation in this amazing race is somewhat pending as of right now, but I will keep you posted.

NOW, for MORE race news….WHO IIIIIIIIIIS THIS PERSON!?!?  I saw that many of the bloggers I look up to and follow (think Caitlin, Tina, etc.) are registering for the National Half Marathon in Washington, DC on  March 26, 2011.

SunTrust National Marathon

YUP, you guessed it.  I signed up.  For one, I really was looking for another halfie to fall back on in case my Disney Dreams cannot come true this year.  Also, I truly enjoyed last year’s Broad Street run (what I consider to be my first MAJOR race) and this race is put on my Blue Cross as well. 

And finally, the truth is that I have been bitten by the running bug…badly!  I LOVE new challenges and looking forward to exciting races and PRs!  Woot woot!  The final truth?!?! I WANT TO BEAT MY TIME!  I KNOW I can do a sub 2-hour halfie.  I JUST KNOW I CAN.  Based on my time of 2:02:25 which included a bathroom break and several hugging fans breaks, I really want to try for this.  Plus, I can imagine how intesely amazing the Expo for this baby will be!  I am dreaming of my purchases already!  LOL!  Anyway, here is my question:  Do you sign up for races impulsively (like me-actually, I tend to do everything impulsively :)) or do you plan ahead and think thoroughly through?  I guess my thought is that I can always not run it, but if it closes then I will be MAD!  I ran into this situation for Broad Street and ended up running for a charity (Students Run Philly Style) which was great but it could have been a bad situation if I was barred from running due to closed registration.  What are your thoughts?!

4 thoughts on “Who IS this Person!?!?

  1. I wish that I could sign up impulsively. But my stupid work schedule of having to work Saturdays and Sundays means I usually need to request a race day off well over 6 months in advance in order to get it. Yeah, it totally blows. I actually requested off this November for the 2011 NYC marathon (which will be next November) in case I get selected. Even though my request was a full year away, I’m third on the wait list to get it off!

  2. Hey! Love your blog. Just stumbled across it and I live in Philadelphia too! I am also going to be in Orlando for the princess weekend, although my mom and I are going to do the 5K together. Just wanted to comment and say hi! I’m training to run broad street now so if you have any tips I’d love to know! Thanks!

    • Hey girl! Broad street is an AMAZING race to run. It is a gorgeous course through the beautiful city of philly- twn DOWNHILL Miles 🙂 tons of entertainment, etc. GREAT race. So, here is my advie: HAVE FUN. that is number one and THE most impt part of training for me. Becuase if it becomes “un-fun,” I’m out. you know>? so make sure you are mixing it up. sometimes I do fun runs (my own pace, whatever I feel), sometimes I will do purpose runs (google map an errand I need to do, pop on my camel bak if i need to carry anythign and go—running with apurpose is fun)….and most of all, be thankful for your body and what it is able to achieve! happy (literally) running!

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