Amazing b4d

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As you might know I loooove b4d (breakfast for dinner).  Yum
This one was holy yum!  Pancakes with butter and brown sugar layered between.   Yup still Ginger ale. But how yummy!

And here is another one of my favorites (this might trump as king of b4d)…

HOLY YUM! French bread french toast (aka pain perdue!)


So, the key to “b4d” is your main carb (pancakes as shown above, french toast, or even waffles-I’m working on that one), and then your potato.  Husb and I prefer shredded hashbrowns.  They are sooo easy and delish!  We buy the kind in the green package- Simply Potatoes.


Just heat about two tablespoons of oil in a pan until VERY hot, dump the bag of potatoes in the pan and pat down until flat.  Let cook for 6-7 minutes.  THEN, drizzle oil (I add sea salt as well) and flip. Cook for another 7 minutes.  SO yum.

Do u like b4d?  What is your specialty?!?!  I want suggestions!

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