Chocolate Covered Rods

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A la Sabrina, I decided to make these treats for family and friends this holiday season.  I always see fantastic pictures of these babies on Sabrina’s blog and decided I had to join the bandwagon fun myself!

So, I decided to make three flavor combinations (white chocolate with red sugar sprinkles as seen above, dark chocolate with crushed candy cane and plain milk chocolate) and bag them up all pretty in clear plastic with a ribbon and a festive label.  The process is really easy and you should visit Sabrina’s blog for the details, because she is VERY good at explaining these sorts of things, and my way of doing such crafts/kitchen tasks is MUCH less scientific 😉  BUT, I thought I’d show you some pictures of the process.

So I used starlite mints. The store was out of candy canes! Yup, you read that right: OUT of candy canes!

OK, so the annoying part about using the mints vs. the candy canes is the ridiculous amount of unwrapping I needed to do! Oscar wouldn't even help! Imagine that!

Lazy Oskie perched under the tree, unwilling to help! It's ok- he makes up or his laziness with cuteness

Annnyyyyyway, then I had to crush all of the mints to prepare them to coat the rods.  I had to use a hammer, and yes, it was pretty awesome 😉

I used a shallow breading pan that my Dad got me from Williams Sonoma to hold the crushed mints


I used a large deep microwaveable mug to melt each type of chocolate separately; I did one flavor at a time

And....the beautiful (and tasty) results!

The white chocolate ones were my personal faves 😉

So, I strongly recommend you try to make these babies for yourself.  Listen, if a kitchen klutz like me can do it, so can you!  You can also customize the “toppings” to match the occasion (think crushed oreos and orange sprinkles for Halloween)!

PS:  I am PRETTY sure the blasting of my favorite Christmas album (Rejoyce by Jessica Simpson) contributed highly to this kitchen success!  🙂

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