HTP Shout Out and Sushi Buffet!

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Right…I know, interesting title.  Quick explanation:  So excited Caitlin twitted?!?! tweeted about my “Psychology of Eating” post!  I really admire Caitlin, her blog and Operation Beautiful so I was really excited that she twitted tweeted me!  OK, anyway, Hoy Sushi Buffet!  Check this out; my friend kept saying “this place is a raw fish-lover’s heaven!:  LOL…oh and it was!  We went to a place called Minado in Plymouth Meeting, PA.

(PS): I am SO NOT a raw fish lover.  Regrading “Sushi” I like fried temporah sweet potato rolls along with a shitake and spinach roll.  OH and seaweed salad on the side.  This, folks, was all that (well actually, they didn’t specifically have that) and a barrel of…oysters?!?! Yup.

Ok, so don’t ask me to label them, because the honest truth is that I don’t know what half of it is! 😉  There were yards of food!  Anyway, give it a try if that’s your thing.  Speaking of, is that your thing?  Do you prefer a LARGE array of items, or a small array or none at all?  I myself am not actually a buffet person at all.  Are you????

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