Black Swan

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I saw this movie.  I  Loved it.  I do not want to do a full review.  But, I do want to say that it made me incredibly itchy to do ballet! As I mentioned, I have been having a bit of of workout-rut and this might do the trick of un-rutting (is that a word?) me!  I am going to go to Koresh Dance studio in PHiladelphia. I’m going to try to go this Sunday.  They offer beginning, intermediate and advanced classes and ballet shoes are required.  I am definitely going with the beginner class for now and happen to own a new pair of slippers that I bought  a while back when I wanted to take a class but didn;t follow through.  Well anyway, I’m following through now.  Full review to come!   Have you ever taken a ballet class?!?!  How about Xtend Barre?  Here is an article from Philadelphia Magazine about it. It seems to be ballet on barre…



Looks like I ALWAYS liked to dance LOL!

AND be a ham!

Take it easy…

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A la Eagles…

“Take it easy…  Take it easy…  Don’t let the sound of your own wheels make you crazy.”

THAT, my friends, is my motto this week. I have decided.  I have really been beating up on myself for not being in a real workout groove this week. I am on break until Monday, the 3rd, and while I have been doing a bit of running (in New York) and some great Yoga too, I just don’t really feel “in the groove.”  And you know what, that is OK. I always promise myself that whenever working out (running mostly) becomes too much of a “chore” (like REAALLLYYY not fun, b/c I recognize a bit of self-coaxing is obviously needed at times) I need to pull back. So today, I am pulling back.  And I’m ok with that.  Tomorrow, a NEW YEAR (yes really) and I will check in with my body then to see if it is “up to it.”  But until then, “take it easy…”

Do you let yourself “take it easy???”

As you can see, Oscar has NO problem taking it easy!

PS:  Check out this amazing egg sammie I have been making myself for every meal a ton lately.   Instead of round sandwich thins (which I LOVE for making french toast a la Tina) I have been buying these easier-to-stuff rectangular sandwich thins…


Up close and personal….mmmmmmm 🙂


Oh this darn Keurig wakes me up with lovely thoughts hours before I need to be awake!