Black Swan

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I saw this movie.  I  Loved it.  I do not want to do a full review.  But, I do want to say that it made me incredibly itchy to do ballet! As I mentioned, I have been having a bit of of workout-rut and this might do the trick of un-rutting (is that a word?) me!  I am going to go to Koresh Dance studio in PHiladelphia. I’m going to try to go this Sunday.  They offer beginning, intermediate and advanced classes and ballet shoes are required.  I am definitely going with the beginner class for now and happen to own a new pair of slippers that I bought  a while back when I wanted to take a class but didn;t follow through.  Well anyway, I’m following through now.  Full review to come!   Have you ever taken a ballet class?!?!  How about Xtend Barre?  Here is an article from Philadelphia Magazine about it. It seems to be ballet on barre…



Looks like I ALWAYS liked to dance LOL!

AND be a ham!

One thought on “Black Swan

  1. Oh fun! I was a dancer from the age of 3-18 and want to take some classes again. I looked into Koresh a couple of years back, but unfortunately it’s not real convenient for me to get to. I might try a place in Manayunk. Let me know how it goes!

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