Ginger Ale, Saltines, REPEAT.

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Yea.  That kind of sick.  I was layed up for THREE full days and finally feel on my way to recovery. Sorry for the MIA on the blog.  I literally could.not.move.  I missed the blogworld though!  Boy I haven’t been that sick in ages!  I did not move off of my couch for THREE days.  OK, end of story.  THAT was where I was.  MORE importantly some exciting things are to be reported on the blog; for one, I bought and AMAZING pair of pants that EVERYONE should own. Seriously.  I saw a friend on Facebook boasting about these babies, and when I say their title, I KNEW they had to be mine.  Enter:  PAJAMA JEANS!!!  From their site,

Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you can’t look sharp! Put your best self out there and wear your PajamaJeans®! 

• DormiSoft™ fabric – a proprietary blend of cotton and spandex
• Feels like sleepwear but looked too good to keep hidden under the covers
• Look put together all day long
• Available in 8 sizes from XS up to 3XL

For less than 40 bucks!?!? YES PLEASE!  I LOVE jeggings, leggings, sweatpants, and ANYTHING else with an elastic waist band.  So much that my friends tend to torture tease me about it!  Listen, I got tummy troubles!  I hate things pressing on my belly.  I CANNOT wait to get my pair of pajama jeans- I will DEFINITELY be reviewing them asap!

In other news, we celebrated Hanukah with my family, but that deserves its own post (soon to come).  In RUNNING news, there has been NONE to speak of these past few days that I have been laid up.  Anyway, how are you!?!?  Do you remember a TERRIBLE illness you had?  Do share!

My 2010 Holiday Wish List PART TWO!


AHAHAHAHAH back by POPULAR demand, here is part TWO of my Holiday Wish List, AKA my FAVORITE THINGS!  While I already have a few of the following babies, they are for your viewing buying asking pleasure 🙂

Oh wait, I almost forgot… “Print me a magazine and call me Oprah, cause here is part two of my favorite things list for 2010!”  Part one can be found here.

1.  MEDITATIONS BOOK.  Listen, I know it sounds corny, but I SWEAR, daily meditations DO help!  They allow you to start (or end) your day with something positive to ponder…And don’t we ALL need something positive to ponder?!?  The one I have is Hazelden’s Daily Mediations Book that looks like this:

You can get this one and any other similar book at Amazon or any other book source!  And if you are sticking with the “Oprah thing” she suggests the following meditations book, which IS ON MY LIST for this holiday 🙂  (pretty please, Santa?!?!?  I have been practicing being a good girl)  It is called “The Book of Awakening” by Mark Nepo.

The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo


2.  BAKER’S EDGE PAN– Also, a la Oprah, this pan is SOOOO on my wish list!  Who doesn’t want the end of a brownie or other baked good!??!

I am ALSO digging the “perfect brownie” pan which might even trump the Baker’s Edge pan…


Don’t judge- I LIKE these gadgets 🙂

3.  A NEW MAKEUP BAG.  Pretty self explanatory, eh?!?  And how does one ruin a makeup bag, might you ask!?!?  Well, when you do your makeup in the car (did I just say that/admit to it!?!?) you tend to stab the sides of the bag with various eye pencils, etc.  Therefore, I need a new one.  And maybe the lil’ lady in your life might need one too.  Here are a few cute ones I saw:

M·A·C Small Makeup Bag(Mac Small Makeup Bag from Nordstroms)

LeSportsac Kevyn Cosmetic Bag

4.  OLD NAVY BOOTIES (for around the house)….I am particularly partial to these furry grey ones.  I have a collection of around the house booties, but I feel that the collection can never get too large!  Plus, these lil’ honies are less than 15 buckaroooos!  What a steal deal!

I am DEFINITELY a fan of Muk-luks and asked for those last year.  LOVE them.  They have a ton of cute and reasonable muk-luks at Old Navy as well for those who are interested.

4.  YURBUDS.  I raved about these after purchasing them at the Half Marathon Expo.  I.LOVE.THEM.  BUUUUUT, I lost one.  So, yes, I need another pair, and so do YOU (or your loved ones).  These headphone covers actually do what they say they are going to do: stay in your ear!  They size up your ear (I’m a size 6) and then voila-perfect earplugs!  You can yank on them, or even run in the toughest of winds, and still keep the buds in.  Best part: they are only 20 bucks!  SOOOO worth it!

6.  ALL-WEATHER RUNNING JACKET.  OK, it is SERIOUSLY getting cold.  And as you can tell from my run yesterday, the weather is not stopping me, so I need to “gear up.”  As I was falling asleep the other night, I said to Husband, “I need a running jacket that is waterproof for rain and snow but has a lining to be used to both.”  And that is what I want need.  So, I really need to research this more, because after an initial “first look,” I am seeing that there are MANY types and styles and I want to really make the right choice for me.  I will do a separate post on running jackets soon!

7.  FLIP CAMERA.  After seeing my brother and sister in law using this toy to record my dear neice, I decided this looked easy enough to use I had to have one!  I think it would be a great gift for anyone who loves taking pictures and wants to go the video route!  You can get them almost anywhere but here is one from Amazon:

Flip UltraHD Video Camera - 2 Hours (3rd Generation) NEWEST MODEL

8.  JOY, HAPPINESS, HEALTH AND EVERYTHING GOOD FOR EVERYONE 🙂  Really, these lists are very fun to make, but in reality, what I wish for EVERYONE is health, happiness and love.  Have a peaceful and joyful holiday season.  And don’t forget to breathe, be mindful, present, thankful and in the moment.


My 2010 Holiday Wish List PART ONE



Well print me a magazine and call me Oprah, cause this here post is going to outline a few many of my favorite things!  I love how I act as if Iam doin ya’ll a favor, when in reality, this is one of my favorite posts of the year!  Here we go!

1.  TIGER TAIL.  I have been BEGGING for this baby ever since I decided that my foam roller was simply too much work. Come on now, the LAST thing I want to do after a long run when I have achy muscles is to hop on top of my foam roller and “go at it.”  Seated position with a tiger tail?  YES please!  I almost gave in to the temptation at the Half Marathon Expo, but decided Santa might want to bring me one instead 🙂  I see Tina using this a lot on her site and am quite envious.

PS:  Santa!  You can get it here on Amazon for less than 25 bucks!

2.  ALLIED STEET MEDAL HANGER– I have been eyeing this baby on Leslie’s site for MONTHS now!  I even entered to win one on her site with no luck. OH well, I KNOW Santa has a big interest in this gift!  I would just LOVE a personalized one to hang my race bling on. It would be SOOO neat if it said UPSANDDOWNES!  Here Leslie’s-so cute!


3.  An APRON!  So in my attempts to be more of a wifey less of a mess, I really would like an apron.  Not just any apron.  A really nice one.  Maybe one that is personalized?  Like from my fave personalized gift site or just a nice classic one from Williams Sonoma.  Dunno.  I’ll let Santa (or Hannukah Harry?!?!) decide.  I saw some adorable ones on Sabrina’s site, and decided it was time to grow up get one.  Wouldn’t I look cute in something like this:

(Source) HAHA NOT! Santa, don’t even….. 🙂

4.  MASSAGE Gift card!  OK, so I use an AMAZING lil’ lady for my massages.  She comes to my HOUSE and is incredible!  Nicki is amazing (another Sabrina find, by the way) and runs her own at-home massage business called Hand-At-Home. I would HIGHLY reccommend Nicki to anyone and would like to say that a gift card to her business would be a PERFECT gift!  AND this lil’ lady won Best of Philly 2009.  Yo go girl!  Love her!  Check it out HERE.

Hands At Home - Home Page
5.  HUNTER WELLIES FOR SNOW AND RAIN!  So, I have wanted these Hunter “rain boots” for alomst a YEAR now.  I know they are huge with celebs and all (reason #405 that I want them hahah I kid!) and I was all about them, but thought the price was a bit too steep for just a pair of rainboots…UNTIL I found that they can be great for the snow as well!  As you know, I am QUITE the UGG conesour but have ruined one too many pairs in the snow.   No matter how many times I have sprayed them to protect them, they still get caked with ice residue and snowy shmutz (is that a real world?).  Anyway, I need a REAL snow boot.  A real WATERPROOF snowboot.  So, enter, the Hunter Welly with warm fluffy inserts:
I definitely like the black original tall Welly Boot (real surprise there, eh?) and definitely need the inserts which are sold separately (they are called Hunter Welly Socks).
Product Image
Unfortunately (for Santa) I really REALLY like the Hunter Steamboat model, but the price tag is insane (think ON SALE for $316! Holy Ravioli!).  BUT they come with inserts.  Anyway, just sayin’….
Product Image
   Zappos (picture source) seems to have a pretty good selection at a reasonable price…
6. OK, UGGS.  You KNEW this was going to be on the list!  Come on, now!!! I really can see a pair of these Baily button ones in my (hopefully near) future. I actually have been dying for a grey pair of UGGS and I think these might be a great fit 🙂 Size 7 😉
7.  NEW COOKIE SHEETS.  Listen, I know it sounds funny, but I am DARN serious.  I would love myself two more Williams and Sonoma anti-stick cookie sheets.  I burn through those babies like NOBODY’S business!  OK, I’m changing this, after looking at the W&S website…I basically want one of everything 🙂  Kidding…but seriously, here are my Williams and Sonoma requests…
A.  “Covered Aluminum Cookie Sheet”
Covered Cookie Sheet
B.  Cookie Sheet Liners
Silpat Silicone Cookie Sheet Liners
C.  Spiced Chestnut Gift Set (Got it for my MIL and want it for me now!)
Williams-Sonoma Essential Oils Collection, Spiced Chestnut

D.  Sprinkles Cupcake mixes (LOOOOOVE the spice cake)

Sprinkles Cupcake Mixes

8:  SODA STREAM!  Wait, hold your roll! I am SOOOO serious!  I want one!  Soda stream looks AWESOME!

OOOOOHHHHH KKKKAAAAYYYYY I think I went a lil’ overboard, but I hope you enjoyed PART ONE of my holiday wish list/favorite things.  Now, go!  Get shopping!  hahahah I kid!  What is on YOUR wish list!??!

Post (first) Half-Marathon

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So, I feel like I have been MIA from the blog lately…and I guess I have!  Sorry!  I was just on SUCH a high post-half and was riding that feeling for a WHILE!  So the question is, what have I been up to since!?!? Well, I thought I’d first start with my fitness regime.  Basically, after the Half, I decided that I REALLY wanted to do a good (better) job at maintaining my RUNNING fitness.  After Broad Street I really went into a running slump.  I was over it.  It was the summer, and for me it was too hot to run outside and too boring to run inside.  So I took a running hiatus.  I did, however, continue to workout via other methods (think: Cybex, Elliptical, Yoga, etc.) but really lost my running “mojo.”  SO, when I began training for my first half in September, it was ROUGH.  And I promised that I would never “do that” again (aka let myself slip in the running-fitness area).  I truly believe that no matter how much physical activity you are doing, you can STILL be in shape but NOT in a “running-way.”  Running, for me at least, is a totally different beast.  Anyway, with that being said, this has been my workout schedule since the Half Marathon (on Sunday November 21):

Monday 11/22- my legs felt STIFF so I wanted to get some blood into them with a bit of low-impact cardio–> 40 minutes Cybex

Tuesday 11/23- OFF

Wednesday 11/24- 4 mile run by the river (I was feeling it again!) and 60 minutes Yoga (I’m baaaaaack!!!!)

Thursday 11/25- 4 mile WALK (ate turkey hehe)

Friday 11/26- AMAZING 4.5 mile run through the glorious and beautiful Pound Ridge New York (we were up for Thanksgiving to visit the in-laws)

Saturday 11/27- OFF (although I shopped my lil’ bum off so shouldn’t that count?!?!)

Sunday 11/28- 5 mile run through my beautiful City of Brotherly LOVE!

Monday 11/29- 30 minutes Cybex, 45 minute SPIN class (yay!)

Tuesday 11/30- OFF

Wednesday 12/1- 5 mile run by the river– THIS one was BRUTAL!  It looked like this:

So, there you have it:  THAT is what I’ve been up to since the halfie.  OHHHHH and other stuff too, like….

– LOVING Thanksgiving with my family

-TRAVELING for the holiday


– SHOPPING and creating lists upon lists for gifts (mine soon to come!!!!)

-HANGIN’ with the HUSB and Oscar



-Getting ready to decorate for the holiday