January 1, 2011

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What a wonderful post title, if I might say!  Here is to living in the moment while looking towards the future!  (huh, I know- it sounded like it made sense more in my head :))  Anyway, last night Husband and I rung in the new year with and AMAZING dinner (buffet) at what has become (as of last night) my all-time favorite Philadelphia restaurant, XIX (Nineteen). It is atop the Bellevue and the scenes/ambiance are INCREDIBLE.  The food was amaaaazing last night and I actually ENJOYED the buffet. It was still classy, fresh and delicious!  I refrained from taking pics at the dinner table (it was date night!).  But trust me, it was delish!


I got really dolled up for the occasion (as you can see) and even sported the sweet cocktail ring my sistah got me for Hanukah!


So, we had grand plans to see the fireworks down at Penns Landing; walk down there around 11:30, but we were both TIYURD and Husband’s neck was bothering him (?!)  So, we watched Dick Clark, had a moment at midnight, watched a weird exchange between Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin, then called it a night.

This, we were up bright and early (of COURSE with k-cups in our hands) to host a brunch for my family. I will post about it later; its yummness (I don’t think that’s a word, but it should be) deserves its own post.

After the brunch was over, cleaned up and all guests went home, I decided to ting in the new year on my own with a lil’ run.  It was a tough one physically (I just felt out of it) and attribute the causes to the following (maybe?):

-different holiday routine

-not running as much; last run was only a mile on the tm Tuesday

-eating schedule different due to vacation

…or maybe just an off day?  Anyway, I completed 4 miles-proudly!


So, I ran down to Penn’s Landing and paused for a moment to watch the ice skaters; the rink was open.  The sky was really cloudy but people’s good cheer energized my run…sorta 😉  So then I ran down to Old City and up Market Street to Washingtown Square.  I ran around Washington Square with the purpose of measuring its distance with my Garmin (it is about .35 miles, so I would say 3 times around = 1 mile).  Then I ran back home (to get sweaty kisses from Oscar)…


The run felt really good when done!  Woot!  Here’s to 2011!


Now, I am sitting around watching Oprah’s new network, OWN, and drinking hot chocolate (K-cup of course)!


How did you spend your New Years?  Happy 2011!

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