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You know, I am ok using “brunch” as the title of my post (usually you want it to be more specific so you don’t reuse) but I am SURE this is the brunch that will top all brunches!  Really.  Here are some highlights in picture-form 🙂

Pain Perdue (baguette french toast soaked in egg extra long with cinnamon yummm)

4 corn muffins and egg bake...I'll explain

So, above is a picture of an AMAZING egg bake I made (up) inspired by Caitlin’s quiche with corn bread crust.  I too, made a cornbread crust (hint here is to cook the cornbread according to instructions first!) hence the extra four cornbread muffins- I wanted the crust to be sorta thin- not the usual height of a corn bread.  OK, so then, since I was having meat eaters over, I used 8 eggs (beated) and added crushed bacon…

I used the local store brand "ready made" bacon and microwaved for extra long, about a minute, to make it crunchy

The bacon crushed up easily due to its (crunchy) texture

Sauteed diced potatoes and onions for about fifteen minutes to make them softer in the casserole

final product: egg bake with potatoes bacon onions and cheese - delish!

Anyway, I also served coffee (of course) and cinnamon rolls, english muffins, the egg bake and french toast.  YUM!  A good time was had by all!
Even Oscar who begged like nobody’s business!

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