The Hamster in the Spiffy Workout Gear

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So, today I had scheduled a 6 mile run, but mother nature wasn’t having it (at least outside).


So….I retreated to my gym.  Now, my plan was to do 3 miles on the track and 3 more on the treadmill- break it up.  BUT, that did not happen.  The track felt soooo squishy and bouncy as opposed the to treadmill that I had been running on lately due to the winter weather (not just brrrr but hazardous ice, snow, etc.- the last thing I want is an injury!).  SO I ended up doing all 6 on the track.  It was not bad at all.  I just zoned out and listened to my ipod.  OK, the only issue was counting the laps.  I wanted to run a 10K (6.2 miles).  The track was 12 laps to a mile.  So….I needed to run 74 laps.  WoW!  I didn’t realize the total until I calculated it now.  So what I did was I had 3 hairbands on my right wrist.  I then kept count only of each mile and switched a hairband to the other wrist.  Once the three were on my left I was half way done.  Then each mile moved them back to my right.  Clever, eh?  For each mile, sometimes I counted 1-12 but other times I counted 1-6 then back down 6-1.  I know…mind games.  A track is nuts..I felt like a hamster.  OH and, yeah, I may or may not have refueled with the following…


Don't judge.

Oh, and this too…


spaghetti squash with tomato vodka sauce and mozz

Anyway,  onto the spiffy workout gear part…I think it surely speaks for itself… 😉


Lately, I have been LOVING a plain white v-neck Hanes men's t-shirt. They are long and I really like 'em! Inexpensive too!

Oh, and another thing I am obsessed with lately (of COURSE an accessory to my K-cups)


YUMMM…pure heaven!  Anyway, I am currently watching “Craigslist Killer” on Lifetime.

How are you spending your weekend?


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