Meet Addie.


OK, so I FINALLY have a reasonable excuse for my MIA-ness on the blog!  We adopted a lil’ girl dog named ADDIE!  Husb picked the name- we like it and her!  We live on Addison street so that’s where the name came from!  OK, without further ado, here’s ADDIE!

So, here are the logistics on Addie. She is between 2 and 3 years old.  She was rescued from a Puppy Mill who was not treating her right and making her have a LOT of babies (and she’s just a baby!).  The agency who rescued her is called Oporation Ava.  From this site:

Oporation AVA is a non-profit organization. Our mission is to provide life saving rescue and medical assistance for dogs and cats and the families that care for them. Oporation AVA was founded by Ava Gutierrez, a caring 9-year old Philadelphia girl who has a passion for helping sick and homeless animals. In July 2009 Ava helped rescue Bella, an ill Chihuahua mix who had been the victim of prolonged abuse and helped her find a forever home. Bella opened Ava’s eyes to the growing reality of our economic times: pet owners are forced to forego veterinarian care or give up their pets.
Operation AVA has two goals; to help less less-fortunate families afford the necessary medical care for their sick pets and to offer cat and dog adoption services through our Save A Life program. Through these two programs more pets will stay in their loving homes or get the help they need to find a loving forever home like Bella.

So, Addie is mostly Pekingese  with some chiuaua in her.  She is ADORABLE, loving, sweet and thankful!  She LOVES climbing on my shoulders and did not cry ONCE last night in her crate!  So far so good!  I can’t wait to tell you more stories about Addie ‘n Oscar and their adventures in total cuteness!

Have you ever adopted a pet?