Addie’s Antics

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Mama and Addie

Even though Addie has only been with us for a few days, she is already becoming an integral part of our family.  Actually, Husb and I are in Fort Lauderdale, FL for the long weekend visiting with my Grfandma and I already miss her (and of course Oscar too) dearly!  I have had some time to reflect on our lil’ peanut and as she is quickly coming out of her shell, she is certainly exhibiting some hilarious and adorable traits.  Let me share!

1.  LOVE BITES- Addie, try as she may, just does’t yet “get” the language of a kiss 😉  She tries so hard and ends of nibbling/biting at the air in her attempts to “give kisses.”  It is too funny and cute.

2.  HEAD ROLLS- When Addie wants to be petted, she puts the crown of her head (which is terribly cute and dome-like) in the palm of your hand and rolls it around in there until you “get the hint.”  Hil-arious.

3.  KNEES PLEASE- Addie has this crazy habit of greeting you (and everyone else in the world- she is QUITE a friendly little doggie) by placing her front paws on your knees and standing on her hind legs…for a while.  IT is really funny.  Sometimes she will just do it for no apparent reason, or maybe to say “hello?”

4.  IS THIS MY HOUSE?- So I am a little worried that Addie is SO friendly that she will literally go in ANYONE’S home..ESPECIALLY if there is a dog in residence.  Husb said she made it into the entrance-way of our neighbor’s house before he decided they should probably get going. LOL!

5.  ALL STRETCHED OUT–  Sometimes Addie likes to be carried I like to carry Addie and she has a tendency at times to completely stretch her body out while I’m holding her so that her feet dangle down.  It is so funny because her little face seems to be saying, “Whaaaa?  You’d do it too!”

6.  MUTLED MOUTH– Between Addie’s underbite, the fact that her lip is constantly getting stuck in her teeth and I SWEAR she smiles, it is sometimes difficult to look at Addie’s face without cracking up (in the nicest way of course).  I am going to try to catch her in all of her funny mouth-edness and do a separate post soon.  It is worth it.

OK, well that’s enough about Addie for now.  We miss both her and Oscar dearly!

Do you have a dog that has funny antics?!?!  Share!

PS:  Special shout-out and Thanks to Shiya and Scott the absolute best neighbors (and friends LOL) in the world for watching the fur babies.  If you want to take a good yoga class, go visit Shiya and Shanti Yoga Shala in Old City, Phila.  It is at 2nd and New and is THE BEST yoga experience hands-down.


One thought on “Addie’s Antics

  1. I’m sorry………what? When did you get another dog? …..Are we still related at all? Call me if you talk to my sister & she has any messages to relay to me. Love you?

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