Parsnip FRY-Day and my Training Dilemma


Yup, I’m doing it again tonight- parsnip fries a la Oh She Glows.  They are currently cooking in the oven.  I can’t wait…YUMMMM!

ANYWAY, my training dilemma…SO.  I signed up for the Disney Princess Half Marathon on February 27th.  I had planned it months ago- booked the hotel room, the flight, etc.  BUT, in all honesty, I feel there is NO WAY I will be ready for it.  NO WAY.  The longest run I’ve done since my first half marathon in November was 8 miles in Florida.

My "Florida running outfit" It was crazy to be able to run outside without multiple layers, jacket, etc.!

Oh, and PS: I have been LOVING the new Nike Tempo shorts I got for a bargain on the Nike website.  I LOVED these shorts on SkinnyRunner and I love them for me!  Ordering more asap!!!!

Rocking the Neon Yellow (Green?) Tempo shorts with a guy's white v-neck. love it. classy.

That pic was from today’s four miler.  Right, so enough pictures of me and back to the subject:  I am seriously concerned that I will be undertrained for this half marathon.  Even if I can manage one long run (the longest I feel I need to do is ten probably) per week, I guess on the weekend, I still don’t really feel like it’s enough…here are the factors that are contributing to my lack of ability to train as much as I feel I needed to:

1.  Addie

Need I say more????

2.  Work work work.  Not to complain (although what I am about to say will certainly resemble that) but I have a full time job and a part time job which is two nights a week and more for preparation.  Needless to say, I am busy!

3.  Weather.

Not running outside stinks. And it definitely impedes my ability to do long runs.  I miss my loop!

Anyway, that’s my dilemma.  I think I am going to just do my best and enjoy the race!  It will be fun!  I don’t need to PR every race.  This race will be a blast no matter what…it is in Disney World, after all!

Have you ever had a similar “training dilemma?”

2 thoughts on “Parsnip FRY-Day and my Training Dilemma

  1. I’m doing a half this Sat and I only trained up to 10 miles and I’m not worried about the race. I do short speed work runs during the week (do to time constraints of working out during nap time) and only one long run a week. My last half I trained up to 12 miles and I felt burnt out by the time the race came around (well, in all honesty, I was also knocked up at the time and didn’t know it) and I didn’t race well.

    I think you have plenty of time to get ready for your half…remember that quality trumps quantity (meaning a good 6 mile tempo run will do more for you than 8 miles at an easy pace)

    Good luck!

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