Let it Snow!

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OK, so I know that some people (like my girl Lisa Paige-sorry girl I have to disagree) are not huge fans of snow.  But me, a schoolteacher, I LOVE it.  Granted, I love sitting inside on my couch watching the snow drinking a K-cup…ANYWAY, a great benefit of the snow today was that I got out of work early, allowing me to do a long run which I was in great need of!  I was getting really nervous about my lack of training for the Disney Princess Half.  Now, I feel a bit better- I just wanna run it for fun and be able to complete it; I know it is a “winter race” for me (meaning I can’t do outside long runs-big bummer to a training plan) so I am not expecting huge speeds.  I truly just wanna run the whole thing without stopping, except for the water stations if needed.  I don’t care how slow I go, I wanna at least jog.  Think I can do it!??! Dunno!  I know I don’t have the mileage, but I’ve been doing speed work and feel cardio-vascularly in shape, ya know?  So I did 7 miles at “half marathon pace” (side note: I feel like I tend to actually run faster outside…do you?).

Here’s a crummy br gym pic…classy.

Whatevs.  Anyway, today we had a SNOW DAY which allowed me some qt time with the dogs (aka them following me around like hip attachments).

LOVE this pic

I kid.  It was uber fun and I was able to get stuff done around the house as well as grocery shop (considering the amount of parsnip fries I’ve eaten in the pas 72 hours…trust me, the grocery store was needed).  Good times.  And…cue the puppy pics.

How do you spend your days off?

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