Running Style A La SR & The gReat Cereal DeBate


OK, so today I channeled my inner-SR (if only I ran half as fast and didn’t have pasty white legs; girl lives in CA).  I really like her blog (and her style too)!


(Skinny Runner; obviously)


Oh…and she doesn’t have to wear hideous compression sleeves 😉

Anyway, banged out 5 at the gym on the TM today.  Darn snow is definitely cramping my “outside running style.”   It is NOT cramping my loving a snow day yesterday style though.  So, yea, when I run on the TM I tend to run on average a 9:40 maybe?

I try no to overdo it on the treadmill, due to my shin issues (hence the compression sleeves).  I guess I slam my feet down too hard?  Hmmm…  Again, I would love an outdoor run.

(Enter daydream of Florida two weeks ago…visualization)

I STILL can't believe I was running outside in that outfit a mere two weeks ago in FL when I was sliding along the (unplowed, thanks City) icy streets this evening


So, here is what I’m wondering…WHEN IS YUMMY SUGARY “COMMERCIAL” CEREAL OK?!?! Cause I freakin’ love it.  Every morning I down a bowl of either Kashi-million-grams-of-protein or Fiber One-hundred-percent of your daily fiber.  I’m all fine with that…but sometimes I simply crave some good old sugary no-nutritional-value cereal…like this


OR this…

Those are two of my faves right now. I like to “refuel” from a run with these kinds of yummy cereal.  I sorta stick to the “nutritional ones” for breakfast every morning.  So, what do you think?  When is it OK to have yummy sugary cereal?!?!


PS:  Yes, I’m aware the title is

8 thoughts on “Running Style A La SR & The gReat Cereal DeBate

  1. Cereal is not safe in my house…I will eat 3 bowls in one sitting. If it’s Life cereal you can bump that up to 5 bowls. I think as long as you don’t stuff your face with multiple bowls it ok to have some of the sugary stuff once in awhile. I just don’t have that ability.

  2. i love cereal and i love that “skinny runner” shirt. i intend to wear it, if i ever find it. Screw ‘skinny runners’, i’ll still look the best in that top. hahaha 😉 love you.

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