NYR in February


You know that saying, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all?”  Yup, that’s my the latest culprit in my most recent MIA from the blog.  So, in the spirit of that bummer, I have been thinking a lot about New Years Resolutions (NYR).  Yup, in February.  The fact is that on January 1st I was not ready to make resolutions…at least ones that I was serious about, had a chance to reflect on, and had “sticking power.”  I do NOT want to quit my NYR next month, so what will help with that as well, is that I am going to refer to them as GOALS…NYG have you 😉  OK, so here are my NYG (better late then never, eh?):

OK, starting with easy ones- the need for these were confirmed this morning when I couldn’t get my rings on due to water bloating.  Cute.

1.  Drink more water.  I’m not quantifying- anything would be better then nothing (my current level).  Just more.  It will help my rings fit ;)my running, and my digestion!  And…well, it’s just more healthy!

(Shiya modeling water on a glorious walk by the river)

2.  Have less sodium per day.  Reason?  See #1.  Prime examples:  Limit diet soda, sea salt “seconds,” etc.

3.  PR my half.  So here is what I am thinking:  lately I have been UBER stressed about running the Disney Princess Half Marathon at the end of this month.  It is definitely adding more unneeded stress to my life.  I was just unable to train as much as I would have liked because, frankly, life got in the way.  You know?  And I think that I just need to accept that and run the race with a positive attitude,  and truly FOR FUN. I am NOT looking to PR, just a “fun run.”  hey, it is 13.1 miles either way, right?  I mean we already paid for the race, flight and hotel, so canceling is NOT an option.  Instead, I am going to take a positive attitude and “go with it!”

That's me!

OK, so regarding PRing my half, here is my plan. I hope to PR a sub-2 hr. halfby my next to races (so either in Disney-but remember no pressure-or the National Half I registered for at the end of March).  THEN, for the Philly half next year (this November I ran it in 2:02 and will hopefully run sub 2 by the end of March) I want to run a 1:55.  Woah.  DREAMER!  😉  Hey, it’s ok to dream!

Oh, and this is not a NYG but I hope to PR my Broad Street if I can get a bib somewhere (anyone?!  anyone?!).  I would like to run it sub 1:30.

Leads really nicely into #4

4. “Be yourself because those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter.” -Dr. Seuss

5.  Over-schedule less.  Self-explanatory. Needs to be done.

So, I want to ask:  Did you make NYR/G?  Did you follow through?!?!

4 thoughts on “NYR in February

  1. I made a NYR to run a full marathon. I’m signed up for one in June so I figure that’s like 75% of the battle, right? I also made some lofty half marathon time goals but as I head into my half this Sunday I’m embracing your “fun run” attitude.

    Side note: I travel to Philly a few times a year for work and I’m hoping one these days a trip coincides with the Broad Street run or Philly half!

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