Surviving NINE.

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Hi all!  I’m alive!  I swear!

Gotta love the car pics!

Oh boy, I am a downright BAD blogger sometimes!  Absence for days…  Ok, moving forward, SURVIVING NINE!  As you know, I am training ferociously for the Disney Princess Half Marathon in two weeks!  EEK!  Yesterday I planned a long run.  BUT, as you might also know, it is negative a million degrees (it truly is- I think that was the exact forecast lol) and running outside is NOT an option, so, second third best (second is the indoor track but I’ve been getting dizzy and overusing my inside leg which is my “bad leg” to make sharp turns over and over) is the dread treadmill.  Actually, I really don’t mind the treadmill sometimes. I love zoning out to the tube or music or even looking at magazine pics (reading while running is out of the equation).  BUT, what IS in the equation for a great LONG treadmill run (yesterday was NINE) is…


Dr. Phil!

LOVE me some Runner's World!


In other news, here are some cute doggies pics (I mean, what is a good blog post without THOSE!?!)

OMG too cute- the fur babies are sharing a water bowl!

So, tell me:  how do you “pass time” on the treadmill!??!

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