Takin’ It To the Street!

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I’ll admit; as I prepped for my run Friday afternoon, I was definitely singin’ that tune to myself, “takin’ it to the street!”  I was SO excited to FINALLY take my run outdoors after months of treadmills and tracks.  I was pleasantly surprised to monitor my dashboard thermometer on my ride back into the city Friday afternoon…

I was UBER excited for what I thought would be an amazing way to end my week- a wonderful outdoor run…BUT within the first quarter of a mile, all I could think about was turning around and going HOME!  It was SOOOO cold!  Literally JUST as I got out of my car to start my run, the sun immediately became ensconced behind the clouds.  Awesome.  What a miserable 4 miles that was!  It was one of those runs that made me keep praying to be back at my car!  When all was said and done, I did my 4 miles slowly but surely and was THRILLED to be back in my car, en route to HOME (where MY heart is) to play with my family!

When I got home, this ensued…

And this…

And this…

What an amazingly fabulous Friday!   When Husband got home, he immediately joined in on the laziness fun.  These are my FAVORITE kinds of Fun Friday nights!  What is your ideal Friday evening?!?!

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