Good Times.


I've been wanting to show off these amazeballs vday cookies I made in the beginning of the week for a while now- Good times!

The beginning of the week started out with Vday, but due to Husb’s and my crazy schedule, we have postponed this “day of love” to everyday Saturday.  More on that to come.  Anywhoooooo, this week was sandwiched between an AMAZING river run on Wednesday- DEFINITE PR:  6 miles in about 52 minutes!  WHO WAS THAT!??! I called Husband and told him that if he looked out his office window onto the river route, he’d  probably see the trail I blazed 😉 lol.  Really.  It was one of those “amazing” runs.  Funny, because Caitlin did a post on just that yesterday; the idea that one day your run can be completely torturous and make you question why the heck you run in the first place, while your next run might be like skipping through the heavens on pillowy clouds (right-cause that’s how I usually feel hehe)!  Case in point: on last Friday’s run I wanted to turn around before I even hit the quarter mile mark, but on Wednesday, I was sad when the run came to an end.  Anyway, I guess running is just like that…and just like life!

Oh, hi there!

Moving on, I also had an inpromptu fun night on a weeknight!  For anyone who knows me, they are completely aware that this is a serious rarity in the upsanddownes house.  We went…wait for it…

Can you guess who is who?!?!


With cousin Justin!!!!

Stephie and Husband joined along!

She will shoot me, but this is the only (outdated) picture I could find in a pinch.

Here is me in my official bowling glory outfit.


In other good news, I am REALLY trying hard to cut down on both my sodium intake (per my NYR in February) as well as my artificial sweetner intake.  Enter:  Yogurt.  I am a Yoplait light-gimme-all-the-fake-sugar-you-can-get-girl usually.  But upon some nose holding reflecting I tried to healthen-it-up and I went for the NATURAL ORGANIC FF Stoneybrook Farms.  It’s ok.  The addition of fresh fruit is helpful.  Baby steps, people, baby steps.  Next, I will work on the diet soda thing..NOT!

What is your biggest “vice” (like artificial sweetener for me)?  Do share!  Happy Friday!

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