A 25-Mile Week


Yup, I said it.  A 25-mile week.  Not trying to toot my own horn, but I am proud.  Honestly, running has been a real struggle this winter so I’m allowed to be right?  🙂

Yea, so you’re probably thinking damn, that girl takes a LOT of pictures in the car.  Well, ya know what? You’re right, I do!  I spend SOOO much time int he car that my ratio of car time to not in the car time being so high contributes to my numerous “at the wheel” shots.  Oh wait, here’s another one just for good measure 😉

Cheese! This was from today too, prior to changing into my workout gear.

Anyway, it was GORGE out!  So beautiful.  This is what my car said, but that was after its day in the sun in the parking lot at my job.  In reality, it was about 69…still AH-MAAAA-ZING! 🙂

You ordered some blue skies, you say?

‘Twas a beautiful day but a tough run.  I attribute its roughness to kicking butt on Wednesday’s run (6 miles in about 53-fast for me!  Woot!).  Today I ran the whole loop.  It is 8 miles.  I think I probably averaged about ten minute mils (a bit slow for ) but I in no way had fresh legs.  I have this weird superstition or something, that if I don’t run the loop at least once (I am so lucky I got it in due to all of the ice and snow!) then I haven’t “fully trained.”  I know, I have issues.  But anyway, it was a bit of a mental fight during the run. It hurt.  I also remember that I walked the loop with Shiya (who, by the way, I ran into on my run today!! funny!) on Sunday (another 8 miles) and although we walked it, I DO count it as mileage for training.  Caitlin did a post on this.  To me, being on your feet moving counts in training (and we don’t walk slowly by any means either).  Anyway, that helped to bring my weekly mileage total to 25 😉  So I am currently watching House Hunters International and playing on the www.  I just LOVE HGTV!  Do you like those kinds of shows?

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