OK, guys, putting this out here.  Right now.  Because wordpress doesn’t post real time, I’ll tell ya- it is 8 am Tuesday morning.  Ready for it:


Regarding the Bachelor:  Reality Steve  has time and time again predicted the winner of each season, this season deeming the winner to be Chantal O.  Mind you I have NOT read his column yet, as of this am and Husband said RS’s predictions MIGHT be off, so this is ALL me.  OK, so here it goes:  While Ashley is said to be next season’s bachelorette, I say that is B.S.  It is a ploy to make us all believe Reality Steve’s predictions are correct, when in reality, EMILY WILL BE THIS SEASON’S WINNER, and CHANTAL O (thought to be the winner) will subsequently be the next Bachelorette.  This was planned the ENTIRE season, I bet.  And I even bet RS is in on it with ABC!  You watch, people, you watch!  And when it happens…you saw it here first!  Spread the word!  🙂  Toodles!