What is your “PURSE”onality?

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Hehe boy do I love cheesey clever everythings post titles.  Anyway, lately I have been wondering, what is your PURSE-onality?  What is it within you that prompts you to buy, or in my case, change a purse?  Case in point: 

My bag FRIDAY (since before January!)


My purse Saturday- this is a B.Makowsky, by the way

So, what caused this presto-chango?!? I don’t know!  I just felt like changing purses!  Is your purse choice for the day/week/month influenced by your mood or “purse-onality?”  Dunno- was just pondering this…  Do tell me your thoughts!

Oh, and of COURSE the doggies wanted to model both purse choices…

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