Sunday Relaxin’ (with BONUS Playlist)

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Woah woah I bet THAT title caught your eye 😉  Anyway, wanted to share my chillin’ list #awesomesauce!

Huh.  That’s large, eh?  Oh well.  Anyway, with a side of

How did you spend YOUR Sunday?!?

I gained a small child tonight.

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No, seriously. Totally worth it though.  Husband and I went to a restaurant new to us, Adsum.  And while the couple next to us made me want to blow my brains out the enitre time (think screaming match between Fran Drescher and Greg from Dharma and Gre).  Yea.  Awesomesauce. The atmosphere was cozy (not all in a good way) and not too worthy of a photo op; quite dark too.  Anywhoooo the food was INSANE…let me share the experience in pics…

By the way, the camera ate my burger and fries made with duck fat- sorry! 😉

OK, now clear the drool from your keyboard and tell me:  What was the most decadent thing you’ve ever had at a restaurant?

UPDATE:  OH man, I reaize my ma probably just had a heart attack upon reading the title of the post…and then a SEVERE let down when she realized what I meant!  lol 😉