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Knee sleeves, that is.  Unfortunately, my running game came to a screaching hault last week, so this week I have been cross training with the ol’ Cybex

And getting my “OM” on at Shanti Yoga Shala, Shiya’s AWESOMESAUCE Yoga Studio.

Yea, so THIS should be really interesting this Sunday:

Colon Cancer Coalition

I had signed up for this awesome 10K (last year it was a 5K and was my first race ever!  Recap HERE) a while ago, but becuase of my leg issues as of late, I have NOT been able to train the way I would have liked.  BUT, I made a decision: I am SOOOOO doing it!  Many reasons:

1.  Iwill  have been off my leg for 10 days at that point and will be MORE than antsy to run (with fresh legs!)

2.  My last “long run” was a not-too-shabby half marathon only 3 weeks ago, so this distance should seem easy peasy

3. I promise myself that if I feel pain I WILL take it easy, but I’d LOVE to PR!

4.  I am lunching with my girl, Lisa Paige after, so of COURSE I am sticking to my original plan!

What are your thoughts?

While you are pondering, I was up soooo early yesterday and experienced daylight savinigs time at its greatest:  DEER!


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