Sissy’s B-day Dinner at Chabaa 2011


I’ll start off by saying that last year, we went to Chabaa Thai Bistro in Manyunk for Sara’s birthday and we all REALLY liked it, so when she suggested it again for this year’s fiasco, we all were PSYCHED!  I have to say that AGAIN, CHABAA did NOT disappoint! It was soooo yummy!  Here is the recap:

The birthday girl in all her glory with the cuppy-cakies I got her (hey, she's easy to please)

Oh wait, can’t forget about this one:

Here is me “all decked out” for St. patty’s day…

Here are Husband’s thoughts on it…

Anyway, for her REAL cake, one of Sara’s besties actually MADE this rediculously delicious mastepiece (in one day and from scratch, mind you!)…

The "pot of gold" at the top is actually a rice krispy treat with real chocolate coins!!!!



I told Carly I’d pimp her out on the site, but can’t seem to find the business card(s) she gave me last night; real suprise.  I’ll get the info up soon, or email me for her stats. She’s pretty awesomesauce!

Sar and her other bestie

Also awesome was my meal:  CRAB Pad-Thai!!! YUM!

Here I am imitating my sister’s “picture face” only to be harassed all night about my own “picture face.” 

 Do you have a picture face!??!?  Upload it and show me!

5 thoughts on “Sissy’s B-day Dinner at Chabaa 2011

  1. Don’t forget the Crispy Duck Pad Thai. Wow, was that good. And, yes, I have a picture fact, and that’s it. Sexy, no?

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