I PUSHED for the TUSH!

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Pre-Race pic in front of the Art Museum

Today was the Get Your Rear in Gear 10K for the Colon Cancer Coalition.

 It was a really special race for me, as it was my first race EVER last year (last year was a 5k).  I was soooo nervous going into the race, as my recurring injury had sidelined me ten days prior to the race, so I was pretty much blindly going into this; mylast “long run” being my half marathon three weeks ago and a few three milers sprinkled in there.  BUT, I PUSHED and PUSHED and did really well (for me!)! I might’ve even PRed!

332  1163 10K    Jessica Downes             F    30            Philadelp PA   58:04   55:01  8:52  40/148  F30-39  137/476  F

Post-race pic, same spot, definitely SEATED though this time ;)

'Twas a LOVELY day and a LOVELY race! Anyway, I hit quickly hit the road shortly after the race as I had a bridal shower planning session:) FUN!

Yup, another car picture- how do you think I got to my luncheon!??! LOL

And now, a little actually A LOT of this... OK, I'm EXHAUSTED! Peace out for now. Tell me about your weekend!

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