Race Pics and Da Weekend

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Question:  Do you generally order race pics?  I definitely do for “monumental” races like my first half marathon, or if I didn’t snap good ones myself (or if my paparazzi for the day was at baseball  “on strike”).  I really liked the proofs from Sunday’s race, mainly because they cracked me up and because I am SURE I made some enemies along the way, being that annoying goober smiling and waving like a turd while others around me probably sent me mental death threats 😉  See for yourself:

Haha Nice. 

Anyway, what are you up to on this fine winterlike Spring weekend?  We are headed to the PR!  PR is Pound Ridge, NY, where Husband is from.  I cannot WAIT to see Addie in all her glory in the enormo backyard that my in-laws inhabit.

She will also be meeting MIL and FIL along with LOLA girl!

Lola as a puppy

Here are some past pictures of our time in “the Ridge” as we also call it (love looking at pics to get me revved up!)

Recap from PR Memorial Day Weekend

Recap from PR Fourth of July!

Ahhhhhhhhh sooooooo relaxing.  In all honesty, I sometimes need to be removed from my house to TRULY relax.  Very excited!  What are your weekend plans?!?!