Yes, I was a bit wrapped up in the majesty of the Royal Wedding.  It was beautiful.  I woke at 6 to catch a glimpse of the action and Kate looked just gorgeous.  Anyway, I tried my best to re-create the royal biscuit wedding cake that William personally requested (from me, of course lol).  I brought it to work for a little fun today. It is DELISH!  How did you celebrate the Royal Wedding?!

UPDATED:¬† What a goofball I am!¬† One of my favorite bloggers, Caitlin (and of course I trust her with all things British ’cause of her Husb hehe) reminded me to post the recipe!¬† So, I used the following¬†recipe from DailyCandy.¬† (Link to recipe HERE)

chocolate crunch cake!

Prince William’s Chocolate Crunch Cake
Serves eight


For the cake
1 box graham crackers
¬ľ c. raisins
¬ľ c. nuts, chopped
5 oz. dark chocolate
5 oz. milk chocolate
1 stick butter, room temp.
1 14-oz. can condensed milk

For the topping
5 oz. dark chocolate
1 tsp. milk

1. In a large metal bowl, crumble graham crackers into bite-size pieces. Add raisins and nuts.

2. In a saucepan, melt chocolates, butter, and milk. Stir frequently so chocolate doesn’t burn.

3. Add melted mixture to crackers and stir until dispersed.

4. Line an 11-by-7-inch pan with waxed paper. Pour mixture into pan; spread evenly. Refrigerate for 2 hours.

5. For the topping, combine ingredients in a saucepan; stir until melted.

6. Remove cake from fridge and cover with topping. Cut into squares and serve.

The only modifications I made was doubling the recipe for double deliciousness and I did not use wax paper, I instead sprayed the pan with PAM spray and it was just fine!  OK, now go to it!  Enjoy!

Revising Goals

It was as hot as here (JAMAICA, MON!) but without the gorgeous scenery

The several walking breaks I had to take due to my not-yet-at-full-capacity lungs lead to an un-stellar time

Well, hellooooo there!¬† So, I am sitting here at the computer facing the reality that sometimes goals need to be revised.¬† No biggie. But here is what lead to my “revisions…”¬† Basically, I have decided to go ahead and run Broad Street on Sunday as planned, but instead of my anticipated finish of sub 1:30 (10 miles at ~9 min each) I am hoping for a sub 1:40.¬† Yes, this is a lot slower than I otheriwse would have liked to finish (10 minute miles) but given my current situation, I have decided that reframing my thoughts surrounding Broad Street is not only super healthy for me but realistic and will make the event more fun for me.¬† Yesterday I tried a run out again, and while I ran an uber rolling hills course (Norristown Farm Park) my four miler was less than ideal for several reasons (see above)…

Anyway, I ended up a sweaty mess as you can see, and headed home for some of this:



Chill-axin while watching the FLYERS! (GO FLYERS!) Excuse the pic of my THUTT as Skinny Runner would say, but I had to show off my new Jamaica shorts!

Homemade pizza…AND….

Hanging out with the pups (here is Addie, my lil’ Ragga Muffin- hehe see her shirt!)…So, my question is:¬† Do you revise your goals or do you just plug forward and conquer?¬† I find that running, like most other things (and like life) is SO mental that revising goals can be VERY healthy for me!¬† Thoughts?¬† Toodles!



Oh boy…yesterday’s “first day back” run was a total poop show.¬† Really.¬† I made some serious amateur mistakes and am seriously worried for Sunday’s Broad Street Run.¬† Here are some of things that were working against me yesterday:

1.  It was 89 degrees.  Really.  When I got out of my car, that was the temp.  It was no joke.  Sweat was dripping and my face was red purple.  Cute.

2. I started out SUPER fast and had a 7:30 first mile.¬† Who me?!¬† I NEVER run a 7:30 anything!¬† What an amateur decision!¬† I haven’t done that silly stuff since my first months of running.¬† This mistake produced some MAJOR positive splits.¬† Never good.

3.  Lungs are kinda still barking.  Even though I finished my quick 5-day course of antibiotic, I am still feeling a bit heavy in the chest.  I think the bronchitis left a bit of a lingering cold (of which I kindly passed to the Husband as a pre-annicersary gift hehe sorry, babe) that is still affecting my cardiovascular system.  Please pass soon, please?

4.¬† First day back.¬† Looking at my training schedule, I hadn’t run or done ANY sort of cardio for a WEEK.¬† The last run I completed was an easy 3-miler a week prior and a 5-miler the day before that.¬† This meant that I REALLY felt my 7-miler yesterday. REALLY felt it.¬† Walking breaks were a must.¬† But, as Caitlin says (happy b-day to her btw), there is NOTHING wrong with walking breaks!

Anyway, to pump myself up, I tried to find some pictures from Broad Street last year.  You can find my recap here.

Are you running Broad Street?!?  What race are you running soon if not?  And if you arent a runner, tell me something else! Anything!  Toodles!

Post-Vacay Detox

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So, it is VERY early Monday morning, pre-work, and I am sitting here contemplating the following…

1.  How the HECK work came so fast

2.  WHERE the heck my vacation went

3.¬† How I can get husband to steal me these SICK-butt earrings his Dad’s bestie made (PS:¬† this guy is GOOD- he made our wedding bands, my diamond earrings and is the best known diamond dude around-I can get you his info if you want)

4.¬† How I could make a semi-permanent home for myself atop this beautiful rock formations in a great friend’s yard in Armonk, NY (on the way back from picking up the pups in Pound Ridge, NY)

5.¬† How airlines like USAIR are still in business, after screwing us up not once but TWICE this vacation and robbing us of a whole night in Jamaica (which means a lot when you are only staying for THREE!).¬† But hey, it’s moot at this point,¬† no?

AND finally

6.¬† HOW AM I GOING TO RUN BROAD STREET 10-MILER ON SUNDAY when I literally have not run in weeks, recovering from bronchitis and the last run I did was a diddly-5-miler ten days ago where I stopped and started more than¬†a Philly Subway and hacked up a lung the entire time…AWESOME.¬† But Lord knows I am paying an arm and a leg for that darn bib, and even though I have an even numbered bib and therefore know this race is already doomed (I totally agree with Tina’s view on bib numbers- GIMME AN ODD PLEASE!) I think I’ll still go for it as a training run even though the thought of my time being published in the paper the next day is making me physically ill.¬† OK, rant over.¬† I am still trying to figure out how I want to tackle this last week of training. Normally, this is supposed to be taper week, but I REALLY need to see if my lungs and legs are still working! Help!¬† What to do!?

“Yeah Mon” From Jamaica!

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Hi Friends! ¬†We are currently in Jamaica! ¬†See you soon! ¬†Back on Sunday. ¬†For now…

Sweet Scenes: This Year’s Birthday


After last year I thought nothing could top a birthday like my 30th…except my 31st!¬† Boy do people know how to make a girl feel special. Thank you ALL for your kind, warm, thoughtful and much appreciated wishes!¬† Here was this year’s shenanigans¬†in pics:

Our Lion-Girl and her Underbite


Addie has an underbite.¬† It is hilarious…

Especially when her lip gets caught on her teeth jutting out.  Want another look? 

Thought you would. How funny is that?!??! I love her and love this about her.  She truly reminds us of a lion sometimes too, which also cracks us up.

Here are some more pic-ys of her at baseball this Sunday…

With "Grandpa Nate"

Can you spot the little chickadee in the background?!

OK, just to be fair, Oscar wanted to be included…

OK, so PLEASE share with¬† me your “hilarious” dog issues.¬† I LOVE Addie’s underbite- sooo cute and funny!¬† Do you?!