Barkin’ Ls

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So lately, my running game has been…well benched, pretty much, as in I’ve been riding the bench lately.  Basically, I’ve had this chest cold that is slowly making its way out of my body but is making it VERY difficult to run…Hence the title, BARKIN’ Ls.  The Ls refer to…LUNGS and LEGS.  So, yes, they have been barking lately.  I’ve decided to sideline my running game a bit until Saturday, when I HOPE (fingers crossed I’m feeling less chest-y hehe) my Husband and I will be running the second annual Gener8tion 8K for Students Run Philly Style.  We ran it last year when it was in Fairmount Park and it was  BLASTY! 

This year it is at the Naval Yard and I was REALLY looking forward to this, as any race is exciting, expecially an 8K (GREAT distance) and one I can run with Husband!  Anyway, we will have to see Sat night how the good ol’ lungs are doing.  But, on Monday I WAS able to take a nice lil’ jog by the river before my lungs started barking and I caught some GORGEOUS cherry blossoms!

Oh, and after, I picked up Oscar and hit up a new local bakery that is ADORABLE called Cake and the Beanstalk.  Not only were the goodies DELISH but the atmosphere was SO cute and the “barristas” were so friendly!  I can’t wait to return (with BOTH pups) to hang in the dining area and snap more photos.  For now, here are a few.

Oscar BEGGED and BEGGED to be let in- they let him in AND gave him a treat!

By the way, I had a blondie with Kit Kat in it! Yummmmm!  I got husband a piece of strawberry infused pound cake, and Shiya a brownie.  Oh, and for your daily dose of cuteness, here are my two furbabies in a pile, how I love them…

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