Our Lion-Girl and her Underbite


Addie has an underbite.  It is hilarious…

Especially when her lip gets caught on her teeth jutting out.  Want another look? 

Thought you would. How funny is that?!??! I love her and love this about her.  She truly reminds us of a lion sometimes too, which also cracks us up.

Here are some more pic-ys of her at baseball this Sunday…

With "Grandpa Nate"

Can you spot the little chickadee in the background?!

OK, just to be fair, Oscar wanted to be included…

OK, so PLEASE share with  me your “hilarious” dog issues.  I LOVE Addie’s underbite- sooo cute and funny!  Do you?!

8 thoughts on “Our Lion-Girl and her Underbite

  1. Just found your blog through SkinnRunner’s.

    I am also a Philly resident, with a small dog with an underbite. Albeit it’s cute, but ridiculously funny! She is a Bichon, Shih Tzu mix.

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