Post-Vacay Detox

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So, it is VERY early Monday morning, pre-work, and I am sitting here contemplating the following…

1.  How the HECK work came so fast

2.  WHERE the heck my vacation went

3.  How I can get husband to steal me these SICK-butt earrings his Dad’s bestie made (PS:  this guy is GOOD- he made our wedding bands, my diamond earrings and is the best known diamond dude around-I can get you his info if you want)

4.  How I could make a semi-permanent home for myself atop this beautiful rock formations in a great friend’s yard in Armonk, NY (on the way back from picking up the pups in Pound Ridge, NY)

5.  How airlines like USAIR are still in business, after screwing us up not once but TWICE this vacation and robbing us of a whole night in Jamaica (which means a lot when you are only staying for THREE!).  But hey, it’s moot at this point,  no?

AND finally

6.  HOW AM I GOING TO RUN BROAD STREET 10-MILER ON SUNDAY when I literally have not run in weeks, recovering from bronchitis and the last run I did was a diddly-5-miler ten days ago where I stopped and started more than a Philly Subway and hacked up a lung the entire time…AWESOME.  But Lord knows I am paying an arm and a leg for that darn bib, and even though I have an even numbered bib and therefore know this race is already doomed (I totally agree with Tina’s view on bib numbers- GIMME AN ODD PLEASE!) I think I’ll still go for it as a training run even though the thought of my time being published in the paper the next day is making me physically ill.  OK, rant over.  I am still trying to figure out how I want to tackle this last week of training. Normally, this is supposed to be taper week, but I REALLY need to see if my lungs and legs are still working! Help!  What to do!?