Oh boy…yesterday’s “first day back” run was a total poop show.  Really.  I made some serious amateur mistakes and am seriously worried for Sunday’s Broad Street Run.  Here are some of things that were working against me yesterday:

1.  It was 89 degrees.  Really.  When I got out of my car, that was the temp.  It was no joke.  Sweat was dripping and my face was red purple.  Cute.

2. I started out SUPER fast and had a 7:30 first mile.  Who me?!  I NEVER run a 7:30 anything!  What an amateur decision!  I haven’t done that silly stuff since my first months of running.  This mistake produced some MAJOR positive splits.  Never good.

3.  Lungs are kinda still barking.  Even though I finished my quick 5-day course of antibiotic, I am still feeling a bit heavy in the chest.  I think the bronchitis left a bit of a lingering cold (of which I kindly passed to the Husband as a pre-annicersary gift hehe sorry, babe) that is still affecting my cardiovascular system.  Please pass soon, please?

4.  First day back.  Looking at my training schedule, I hadn’t run or done ANY sort of cardio for a WEEK.  The last run I completed was an easy 3-miler a week prior and a 5-miler the day before that.  This meant that I REALLY felt my 7-miler yesterday. REALLY felt it.  Walking breaks were a must.  But, as Caitlin says (happy b-day to her btw), there is NOTHING wrong with walking breaks!

Anyway, to pump myself up, I tried to find some pictures from Broad Street last year.  You can find my recap here.

Are you running Broad Street?!?  What race are you running soon if not?  And if you arent a runner, tell me something else! Anything!  Toodles!

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