Revising Goals

It was as hot as here (JAMAICA, MON!) but without the gorgeous scenery

The several walking breaks I had to take due to my not-yet-at-full-capacity lungs lead to an un-stellar time

Well, hellooooo there!  So, I am sitting here at the computer facing the reality that sometimes goals need to be revised.  No biggie. But here is what lead to my “revisions…”  Basically, I have decided to go ahead and run Broad Street on Sunday as planned, but instead of my anticipated finish of sub 1:30 (10 miles at ~9 min each) I am hoping for a sub 1:40.  Yes, this is a lot slower than I otheriwse would have liked to finish (10 minute miles) but given my current situation, I have decided that reframing my thoughts surrounding Broad Street is not only super healthy for me but realistic and will make the event more fun for me.  Yesterday I tried a run out again, and while I ran an uber rolling hills course (Norristown Farm Park) my four miler was less than ideal for several reasons (see above)…

Anyway, I ended up a sweaty mess as you can see, and headed home for some of this:



Chill-axin while watching the FLYERS! (GO FLYERS!) Excuse the pic of my THUTT as Skinny Runner would say, but I had to show off my new Jamaica shorts!

Homemade pizza…AND….

Hanging out with the pups (here is Addie, my lil’ Ragga Muffin- hehe see her shirt!)…So, my question is:  Do you revise your goals or do you just plug forward and conquer?  I find that running, like most other things (and like life) is SO mental that revising goals can be VERY healthy for me!  Thoughts?  Toodles!