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Sorry friends, for what was a seemingly unplanned BLOG-CATION.  I hope none of you worried that I had drowned in a vat of dressing (as per my last post) :)  hehe.  I didn’t.  BUT, what I HAVE been doing, is a little of this:

So, my friends…what have YOU been up to!??!

Drinking Dressing.


Ew.  I know.  Gross title, right?  But seriously, this post is about dressings (as in salad dressings) that literally make you want to DRINK them.  OK, so something else you should know about me; I go on food kicks.  So, likewise, I go on “dressing kicks.”  So, here is the dressing I am most currently obsessed with, followed by the ones I’ve had recent “streaks” with :)…

Trader Joe’s Brand Light Champagne Vinaigrette.  Um, to die for.  Light, a tad creamy with a bit of a tart aftertaste, this dressing is going to be THE best spring/summer dressing.  Delicious with salads containing fruit.


Whole Food’s 365 Brand Fat Free Balsamic Vinaigrette 

I actually like this better than the “full fat” version. It is a bit sweet but not too sweet (I do NOT like sweet dressings like raspberry vinaigrette) and tangy as well.  Also, it is…
Whole Foods Market Quality Standards

  • 365 Everyday Value
  • Organic
  • No Sugar Added
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
365 Everyday Value Organic Fat Free Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing
OK, now don’t judge.  This was when I went through a crazy phase of homemade buffalo chicken salads.  For some reason with any salad containing chicken, I LOVE me some Ranch😉  Specifically, Ken’s…yummmm
I think buttermilk is good too if I can remember…
But NOOOOOO peppercorn
I do not like that “Sam I am”🙂  hehe.  Seriously though, not a pepper fan. At all.  OK next back was…
Uh, yea, I know that pic says “6 pack” but I would NOT reccommend a six pack of this dressing, because as delicious as I remember this being, its uses were limited, ya know?
OK, anyway, that’s enough for now.  I am starting to sound psycho…  8)
Tell me, what is your favorite salad dressing?!?!

Broad Street Run 2011 Recap…Training-1 Bronchitis-0


At the finish line (courtesy of

So, as you might have surmised through my somewhat cryptic title, I learned a VERY important lesson this race:  training matters, bronchitis (or any other thing that might sideline you towards the end of your training) does not (always).  Now understand, this is not a blanket statement, and sometimes injuries, illness or other that might sideline your training CAN certainly affect your race performance.  But what I learned was:

1. Don’t give up and throw away all of your training prior to the injury, illness, etc.


Anyway, I deem this race a great SUCCESS!  I was SOOOO nervous (as I had previously posted) due to being super sick the last month of training and thought my inital goal of a sub 1:30 was long gone.  I was even nervous at the expo…so nervous that I wasn’t able to shop as usual!  Oh the horrors!

But race day came, and while I woke up still somewhat weary and fearful of my pending performance…

The adrenaline started pumping, I pushed, and I pushed, and LOOK!

Just by a hair...but I DID IT! Woot!

 Honestly, I am proud.  YAY!  So here are some race pics and lil’ anecdotes…

Approaching City Hall means 6 miles in! Over halfway done! I was feeling strong!Here I am around mile 7 I think, still going strong!

And then it happened.  I sorta started to slow down around mile 8.  I was chugging along and saw a man running next to me looking like he was charlie-horsing.  When I asked him if he was ok he said yes, but then he stumbled in front of me, and crossed over me, collapsing on the sidewalk.  He was NOT ok.  So I told him to hold on (and he told me to keep going- yea right! Of course I’m gonna help a fellow-runner or anyone else out, for that matter) and I raced ahead to find him a medic.  When the situation was under control I chugged forward towards the finish.  And then, it happened.  I DID IT!  I crossed the finish line PR’ing my race with the sweet victory of knowing I had gotten my sub 1:30 time.  What a great feeling!

At this time I was still awaiting my official time, but I didn't care. I tasted victory! Yay! I also learned that I really need ot curtail the weaving in and out of others, as I added an additional 0.08 miles to my 10. Oops!Self-portrait at the finish line

LOVED THIS RACE!  And after, I felt GREAT (another sign of proof that training matters)!!!!  I even decided to take the pups out to Husb’s baseball game.  And hey, what’s a blog post without my lil’ honeys!??!

OK, so if you ran Broad Street, do tell your story in the comments!  I know some of my readers rocked it so please BRAG in the comments!  Go YOU!  Ok, toodles for now!

My Love for Zensah

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So, if you’ve seen any running pictures of me (and if you’ve ever even glanced at this blog, I’m sure you have) you will quickly see that I wear shin compression sleeves.  And not just any skin compressions sleeves, bu ZENSAH sleeves!  In all honesty I’ve never really tried other pairs because I truly believe “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”  Nice English.  Anyway, you know what I mean.  Let’s put this out there:  I.❤. (LOVE). ZENSAH



So, you get the point.  Anyway, I wanted, therefore, to try Zensah’s Base Layer compression shorts.

I like wearing compression shorts under my running shirt, capris, tights, shorts, etc. for races only.  I feel like it gives me an advantage (maybe mental) especially in my groin area, which used to get sore.  Suzanne from Zensah sent me a pair to try. In all fairness, she did warn me that they were really more for training and would not be nearly as tight as the other ones I usually raced in, as they were for training purposes.

So, in a nutshell, Suzanne was correct.  I could not race in these compression shorts, but they are perfect for training.  I highly recommend these for training, as well as the calf compression sleeves.  I also really like their running shirt.  I do not have a picture right now, but trust me, it is cute.  Here is a google pic.


I have black.
In all honesty, I have one Zensah product that I am not THRILLED with…their capri running tights.

 I don’t know if it is the way I am made or what, but the crotch hangs REALLY low and I have to constantly pull them up.  Bummer.  Anyway, overall I HIGHLY recommend Zensah products and thank Suzanne for allowing me to sample this awesome product. I am a willing and able tester😉

The Cake.

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I CANNOT believe I didn’t post about this yet…as the subject was a wonderful part of my birthday celebrations.  The Cake.  See for yourself.

Yea.  Awesomesauce.  Anyway, ’twas a great birthday cake to go with a great birthday!  You can give Carly’s Cakes some love by checkin’ her out now! (HERE)  She is my sister’s bestie😉