My Love for Zensah

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So, if you’ve seen any running pictures of me (and if you’ve ever even glanced at this blog, I’m sure you have) you will quickly see that I wear shin compression sleeves.  And not just any skin compressions sleeves, bu ZENSAH sleeves!  In all honesty I’ve never really tried other pairs because I truly believe “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”  Nice English.  Anyway, you know what I mean.  Let’s put this out there:  I. <3. (LOVE). ZENSAH



So, you get the point.  Anyway, I wanted, therefore, to try Zensah’s Base Layer compression shorts.

I like wearing compression shorts under my running shirt, capris, tights, shorts, etc. for races only.  I feel like it gives me an advantage (maybe mental) especially in my groin area, which used to get sore.  Suzanne from Zensah sent me a pair to try. In all fairness, she did warn me that they were really more for training and would not be nearly as tight as the other ones I usually raced in, as they were for training purposes.

So, in a nutshell, Suzanne was correct.  I could not race in these compression shorts, but they are perfect for training.  I highly recommend these for training, as well as the calf compression sleeves.  I also really like their running shirt.  I do not have a picture right now, but trust me, it is cute.  Here is a google pic.


I have black.
In all honesty, I have one Zensah product that I am not THRILLED with…their capri running tights.

 I don’t know if it is the way I am made or what, but the crotch hangs REALLY low and I have to constantly pull them up.  Bummer.  Anyway, overall I HIGHLY recommend Zensah products and thank Suzanne for allowing me to sample this awesome product. I am a willing and able tester 😉

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